Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Following Our Heart's Desire

"Life is like a valentine. We never know when an arrow will strike us. We never know whether it will give us hurt or joy. But whenever it comes, we accept it and follow with all our heartsour relentless desire."

At the present time, we may have been experiencing a lot of struggles to survive life's endearing challenges. Some people might constantly worry about finding the right path in life. Some wanted to achieve their goals and dreams despite limited internal resources. Some would have been giving up and let live as it happens.

The fact that life is difficult is not the ultimate reason for us to quit, but to face life with faith and gratitude. There are so many things to be grateful for in life. One of which is our existence to find our purpose in living. We are here to follow the right path—the key to living a good life.

How we get, there is a question that sometimes we are out of an answer to. We may have tried to solve so many never-ending problems. Some cannot be handled well, resulting in frustrations and distress. However, it is not just the mind we should work for, but also the heart—the love center.

A good heart

Often, we follow our minds. Yes, it is superior and controls our well-being. Nevertheless, we should consider our hearts in our way of living. Our heart carries several functions aside from pumping blood. Hence, we should consider its importance and not take it for granted.

If we feel like giving and loving, we activate our hearts. Whenever we think of being compassionate and altruistic, we use the seat. Therefore, our heart is as important as our mind. There is the mind that interprets, but there is a heart that feels.

Man is good in nature. Thus we have a good heart. I recalled what our college teachers taught us: no matter how wrong a person is, there is still particular goodness in him. He still has a natural gift of a good heart. In that sense, we are allowed to renew and make better use of it.

Our desire

In our lives, we may have made wrong decisions that made us have some regrets. We have followed what other people have told us. Whereas we followed the advice of a friend, we listened to what a stranger said, and we pondered on wrong thoughts without following our honest and own desires.

For instance, in our society, we may know someone living in a dream with his parents. Pursuing a course or career opposite to what he truly loves. He cannot refuse but follow due to respect and love. He cannot live his own life but accept and persevere.

If this is the kind of life we want, we become a prisoner of our fate—our heart's desire. It seems that we do not have a mind and soul. We never realize that life depends on how we make it and not just living to somebody's wishes.

Something to ponder

What keeps us from not following our own will and desire is the reason we are unsure of our capabilities. We still have doubts that haunt us to move forward.

We may ask ourselves, who am I? Yet, we are still struggling to know who we indeed are. What do I want? Yet, they are unsure of what lies ahead. Where am I going? Yet, need to figure out where to head in life. When do I get there? Yet, have to start. Why shall I do it? Yet, doubting own self. And how do I get there? And yet, not utilizing inherent resources.

The questions above are valid because I used to be like that. Sometimes I question myself to better understand who, what, where, when, why, and how I want. It is good to constantly re-evaluate ourselves to keep track of our goals and desires.

Keep going on

Like a valentine, we may have full of hearts around on this day expressing love and affection to dear ones. Everyone gives flowers, chocolates, and whatever they think is unique and worth remembering. Indeed, that reminds us that the spirit of love is alive. Our heart is in working mode, and it teaches a valuable lesson to keep going —to follow our heart's desire.

Life is not just about finding ourselves but about how we create it. Indeed, we are responsible for our own lives; like a sailor, it is our choice of direction. We have the option, which depends on how we use it and make better gameplay.

Life is like a valentine. We never know when an arrow will strike us. We never know whether it will give us hurt or joy. But whenever it comes, we accept it and follow with all our hearts—our relentless desire. We offer our best wholeheartedly and must follow what our minds and nature dictate.

© 2012 Del Cusay