Saturday, December 29, 2018

Eternal Peace: Reliving the Legacy

Life is short, but once lived fully and with dignity deserves the highest gratitude and honor from the living and in eternity. As they say, we only live once and as much as possible with all our energy or power we could maximize our potentials and live our best lives. This could be a thousand years 'secret' message of success, but this is still relevant in today's time.

Someone could be living the simplest life on earth. Have gone though all the challenges and obstacles in life. May have secretly endured the pain and sorrows. However, at some point we are bound to give up and let life controls our fate  our next destination.

Even at the crossroads of life when we are weak and surrounded with people who are dear to us, we are helpless and powerless, but there is certain energy that holds on to our life beyond our control. When all we could do is to accept one's fate, it burrows the deepest pain to see the suffering. When someone has reach the final moment, all we could do is to give a decent and dignified way of letting go. To gather and pray, to reminisce precious moments and to offer deepest sympathy and respect.

We may not remember the conversations and expressions, but we couldn't forget the positive emotions that were meaningful. 
We will never forget the smiles even through pain  a fighting spirit amidst suffering.

We may forget the events, but we will never forget the laughter, the stories, and wisdom shared. You were there to witness how we survived our challenges, just like how you survived your battles. You were ahead in life and have witnessed several years of transformation in the families and in the communities you have loved.

People may have forgotten you, but we could never forget the greatest gift you have given us. A precious gift that will remain forever even in generations to come. You are gone, but you have left a legacy to the faithful community; the place that you have loved wholeheartedly.

 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: A Divine Gift is Divinely-inspired contribution. It all started with your generosity; a loving heart and a sense of community. You have seen its development from groundbreaking until a community of the religious coming in. You may not be able to physically witness its growth in years to come, but you will be there to see its glory in spirit. A heavenly place for your love ones and for the people even in remote places will be served and will lead in service.

You taught us the virtue of humility and service. You may not have everything to give, but in our hearts you have given more than enough not only to your family, but to thousands of people. Now, you are in peace and may be travelling in a paradise as your final destination. If there is life after death, you will be the happiest to see your creator and be reunited with your love ones who are long gone before us.

You have given so much and your legacy will be remembered and shared.  Divine Light: Our God's Greatest Love  may have been your greatest gift and contribution and the people in return have given their greatest respect and deepest sympathy to your loss. We have lost you, but you are now on your way to eternal life; away from suffering and pain.

We thank you for the love and care. We love you and may you rest in eternal peace.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas in Our Hearts 2018: A New Milestone, Self-Renewal and New Beginning

What a year it has been! A recollection of wonderful memories and sad realities. This year 2018 brought a different view and meaning of life; a self-restraint and taking control of emotions to a higher level. Now it's time to look back and reminisce on the year that was and my thoughts on how I fair with my plans and decisions.

The previous year 2017 may have been the most challenging year ever. Christmas in Our Hearts 2017: The Unexpected Reality would have hit a punch and destruction, but have received a warm embrace and affection from a loving family back home. However, the year 2018 gave a new beginning, a new hope and will to fight and survive.

I have been more positive all through these years since I have learned to elevate my higher consciousness, but losing oneself along the way also loses the power once established. There are miracles as I would believe it, whereas there are also uncertainties that would have to be defeated.

To have patience, tolerance and perseverance can mean a lot for higher aspirations. It may not be easy, but it can be embedded on consciousness and applied in business and life.

Personal Development

Since 2011 I have written and shared several personal development stories and quotations. On this year I have compiled some quotable quotes from my writings.
  • The Road Ahead. I started to share my personal quotes about my life experiences and wisdom gained through the years. Whenever I get inspired and motivated, I would capture whatever beautiful scene that would lift up my spirit. The Road Ahead is still under construction and there are no shortcuts towards the best destination.
  • The Crossroads. There are setbacks along the journey and I must feel the agony. My sufferings would have helped me to look back on what I have done and have to pay back. The Crossroads would remind me about the right road to take and learn not to take wrong "U" turn. 
  • Soulful Sunday. There is something so beautiful about Sunday morning upon waking up. There's a certain feeling of joy in the heart that awakens a blissful spirit. Soulful Sunday is about my reflections and thoughts about significant events that has a big impact in my life. 
Those subjects above serves as a GPS; a personal guide for self mastery and renewal. Whenever I feel crushed and defeated, I gently lift up my soul for healing and reconciliation.

A New Milestone

I said it before that when the door closes another opportunity knocks. On the third quarter of 2018, I have acted on my dream to develop and execute my entrepreneurial plans. It may not be prestigious or grandiose, but the idea of pushing through and breaking the barriers opted me to make the first step. With my previous corporate experiences, I have developed my dealings with people through customer service and customer experience.

Hopefully my first ever venture would succeed and eventually would take on the next level. With the people who tirelessly and continuously supporting me on my back, I will focus and finish what I have started. It always feel good to start and learn something new. It even challenges us on how to keep it running and moving forward and reaching its peak. 

In this venture there's no place for giving up and there's always a will to keep moving. Having more patience and dedication would fuel it to success. 

The World of Entrepreneurship is overwhelming. To have planted a seed and to nourish it to grow would be more challenging. We keep on improving and finding ways to make our dreams bound to materialize. May have been thousand miles away from expected reality and may take years to cultivate and harvest, but it could be more rewarding and fulfilling in the end. 

A New Beginning 

Before the year ends, some events may have shaken us. 
  • Death. A love one may have gone, but the memories will remain in our hearts. It may be an absence of life, but a beginning of a new wonderful journey in the afterlife. It's not about saying goodbye, but 'til we see each other again. We give respect and gratitude and we honor for the life well lived and we will forever cherish the meaningful days shared. 
  • Birth. A new beginning may be a rebirth or a new birth. Just before the celebration of Christs' birth, we have welcomed the birth of my nephew,  Matthew which name means "Gift from God" an angel of God. 
  • Hope. When all else fail, one thing that gives us confidence and courage is to hope for things we are out or beyond our control. We can never have it all, however we can achieve our best realities when we hope for the best. We can always strengthen our will power to achieve greater heights and let gratitude pave its way to a more meaningful and successful life we ever wanted. Our hopes and dreams are fueled by our passion, our desire and commitment to live our best lives. 


Opportunities are endless and the year 2018 created a tsunami-like realities. Creating health awareness inspires people to commit for a healthier living in an environment with lesser stress and not away from home.
  • Family. The source of inspiration and motivation to move on is the family. They support us on our goals and making our dreams come true. I take pride for the family that I have and will forever be grateful for the love. 
  • Friends. For a meaningful friendship, we cherish the great memories from old and new friends. May have not been connected for years, but pleasant memories connects the gap. We cherish those who have not forgotten us and we keep those who remains. There are connections we have to cut and others that would have to build. 

Before the year ends, it's a good feeling to assess what life has been and what opportunities we have fought for. There's no perfect year, either we win some or lose some. The battle will always be there as we become more fierce than ever. We will still be grounded on our realities and be connected with our families and our communities.

As the year passes, our world become bigger and our responsibility will become greater. With faith in God and other Divine beings, we will surely win in the game of life.

Christmas season is closer to my heart and I never fail to give a reflection  since 2011 when I started blogging. This is the season of renewal and recollection. A season of love and a celebration of love and life. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Devotion to The Miraculous Medal

I grew up in a family who has a great devotion to the Miraculous Medal. The precious medal was revealed by the Holy Mary: Mother of God in France on November 29, 1830. I remember this devotion to be celebrated by my family annually every 10th day of November -- originally every 27th day of November in celebration of the real birthday of my father; however was moved to 10th of November on the early years of the devotion.

Our relatives mostly elderly are among those who venerate and pray religiously while singing praises of hymn and thanksgiving and to glorify Mary: Mother of Christ. They help us through prayers to glorify Mary and Jesus and to pray for our intension. The Miraculous Medal of Mary never failed to hear our prayers through her intercession. It is through prayers that healings would happen. Healing of our body, mind and spirit. A holistic spiritual healing granted through the promises of the Miraculous Medal. 

I am a living witness of the miracles of the sacred medal of Mary. Our family may have experienced a lot of struggles and unending challenges, but we have remained to be strong and positive through the years. We have overcome  obstacles and trials that would have break us. However, prayer is truly powerful weapon to overcome defeat.

I also remember just before graduation when we were given a booklet of the Miraculous Medal by our teacher who is also a devotee. The prayers helped me overcome doubts and negativity and helped me to pass the board exam with positivity. It is the intercession of the Blessed Mary through his son Jusus Christ our God that we remain to be prayerful for graces and blessings in our life.

It's been 3 decades already that we are annually celebrating our devotion to the Miraculous Medal and that will continue for the years to come. The Blessed Mary never fails to hear us when we ask for her intercession. We glorify her name and we give her the highest veneration as the mother of Christ - - our Lord and our savior. Just like the her message to all of us: "Oh Mary! conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"

Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us. Amen.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The World of Entrepreneurship

When I quit my job in the corporate world, I was uncertain of what may come next; the plans and the choices I have to go through for the next chapter. I have never expected to start a small business just right after my exit in the company. That was big; a tough one... a challenge. Few weeks after, I have made it on my own and with the help of my love one to set up this long time aspirations. Left with courage and determination, I never hesitated and complied with business legalities and launched the dream I hold on for years.

I always believe that people always dream big, however  there's a certain feeling of hesitancy; feeling inadequate and not ready. I always tell myself not to wait for the right time to launch something. I can always start and learn to develop and improve it. That principle also applies in accepting a job offer. If we always wait for the right time, our dreams may have been taken by others who may not be ready yet but has the will to start and learn along the way. That principle is what I have applied in starting a small business. I have started right away and learn things everyday. I keep on improving and I keep on dreaming. 

With the execution of my dreams, I have chosen few people who are part of the bigger plan. Not
everyone will stay with you and some may have ran away. One thing I have learned is never to chase but to accept that I have to believe in myself and take full responsibility of my actions. It's my battle... it's my journey. 

I have been told not to share goals or dreams with people, certainly I share it with my family, the ones I give my trust. In return, they serve as my adviser and they are like a co-founder. I love sharing business ideas and principle and I have learned a lot from them already. They have been there for a long time and their business principle are precious and should never be ignored. 

From time to time, ideas are flashing so bright but I have to hold on to that. Sometimes, we delay the execution and have it incubated for a certain period of time. I should never give up and soon I must turn it into a reality. I believe that we are always destined to succeed as long as we have the will-power and the will to survive. I have made it possible and hopefully soon that things will become bigger and  brighter; today and the days to come.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 30, 2018

When September Ends: Timeless Wishes

There's nothing more to be excited about than to hear the Christmas songs in the Philippines. That moment is truly awaited by many: the month of September. Perhaps there is something so special about the beginning of the "Ber" month season. This is when we start to feel being loving and caring and somewhat excited about the remaining few months before the year ends. We may haven't achieved some of our goals yet, but it's never too late to get started.

What makes September so special for me is that this is the month that I was born; this is my birth month and same as with the person who has given birth to me; my loving mother. We both celebrate our birthday in the month of September and it's always a wonderful month like an autumn season. We feel the positive vibe and we are more excited of what comes next in life. 

On this month, I feel a strong energy in my goals and desires. I am more motivated to execute my ideas and plan into actions. This may be a tiring month based on actual experience, but in the end it is fulfilling. Nothing in life comes easy and when we aspire for success we have to sweat it out to fuel our passion and desires. Some tasks may never be easy and that needs patience and tolerance. It is when we persevere that we reap the best rewards thereafter. We trust the system and we are guided to do what is just. Then, we feel relieved and grateful for the challenges we have survived. 

It may have been a fantasy, but time has come to take action of the dream that was put on 'hold' for the longest time. No matter how long it would be, still I take the initiative to live on my dreams and make it 'alive' otherwise, it will still be a dream and not a reality. Wake me up when September ends because this month may be full of make believe ideas turn into action. Here comes the month of October, the first month of the last quarter. This is it! and may the Divine guides inspire and bless the venture I am now into. May this be the fulfillment of my most awaited heart's desire. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: A Divine Gift

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish at Sitio Lomboy, Linambasan, Jamindan, Capiz

It was 6 years ago in year 2012 when a Divine calling was fulfilled for the groundbreaking of a mission station for the people of Linambasan and nearby Barangays in Jamindan. Hundreds of religious devotees flocked on this sanctuary to kneel and pray, to give thanks and to receive blessings from the Divine: our God and in the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; the Mother of Christ.

The year 2012 when humanity was intrigued with an end of the world prophesy is also the same year when a new beginning was founded in a special place that is Divinely chosen. The barangay of Linambasan; one of the largest in the town of Jamindan and a home to strong family ties and religious people. It's just few miles away from the capital barangay of Poblacion where people used to celebrate the mass at the Parish of San Sebastian. Now that a new Parish was built, it brings people closer to their home.

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish is the 3rd in the town of Jamindan after San Sebastian Parish and San Vicente Ferrer Parish. The first 2 Parishes are closer to the hearts of the people and attracts thousands of parishioners on its feast day. The newly established Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish would bring people closer to the Mother of Christ; our Lord and savior. When we cry for help, we cling to a mother and she would answer our needs. Just like when we call for a Divine Mother, she would hear our prayer and act on her intercession. The Divine Mother never fails to hear her child and she would bring us closer to her son, Jesus the son of God.

It was on July 4, 2018, after 6 years of religious service when Rev. Father John Denosta left the Parish he started. Sunday Thanksgiving: Graceful Service to The People is a tribute to his love and service to the people. From a mission station, he was able to lead the faithful to the new Parish; a bigger home and a beautiful sanctuary. His fellowship was revered by the people and they will forever be grateful for his service.

Divine Light: Our God's Greatest Love
was showered when Lomboy Mission Station was started, and now as a growing religious community the spiritual service extends to neighboring barangays of Milan, Lucero, Igang, Agbun-od, Agloloway, Jaena Norte, Jaena Sur and all the way to Pasol-o, San Juan and Ganzon.

When Fr. Denosta bid farewell, another Reverent Father was welcomed by the parishioners. The newly installed, parish priest, Fr. Jeffrey Estrella will continue the service to the people.  May the Divine love and light be showered upon him to be shared to the faithful and to everyone who is seeking for a spiritual refuge to this place we call our religious sanctuary. It is for everyone and it is a Divine gift we need to protect and share.

© 2018 Del Cusay

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday Thanksgiving: Graceful Spiritual Service to The People

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Sitio Lomboy, Linambasan, Jamindan, Capiz

When called upon by God, one has to act on it. Our Divine calling is our mission to accomplish on Earth. Our purpose is to serve for the Glory of God; our creator, and to be of service to our brothers and sisters in Christhis beloved son. This is a fundamental teaching of the church and we as a family should walk through the path of Divine love and light.

I was born and raised as a Christian and have developed a Christ-centered consciousness. I grew up and instilled Christian values and virtues through the church and formal education. Even at the present time, I still recall the teachings and the wonderful memories that Christian faith has taught me. Back then, my mother would encourage us to celebrate Sunday mass when we were a kid. That would have raised consciousness about the importance of religion and to actively be involve in activities initiated by the church. 

I didn't grow up to be very religious or a devoted Christian. In fact, I have learned to witness and observe other religions and emulate their ways their faith and action. It wasn't bad after all! I have learned to accept other faith and respected them as a human being rather than hate them for having a different creed. 

I was born and baptized as a Roman Catholic, but I have been exposed to other Christian faith as well, The Baptist, Born Again, Aglipay Church, and Jehova's Witness. I have learned to embrace them even for a short period of time. In my travels abroad, I have been exposed also to different religions; Hinduism, Buddhism and the Bahai Faith, however it didn't affect my faith. I didn't question my Catholic beliefs, but it has strengthened my faith even more. 

God will touch our spirit either for renewal or for a greater service. There will always be that somebody who will lead the way; who will start it all. Somebody who had been touch by the Holy Spirit— a Priest, a Catholic devotee, a religious community. Some time in our lives, we have been called to act on our faith and become like Peter when he said "Upon this rock, I will build my church" and that is the beginning of a community founded by Christ. 

Archdiocese of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sitio Lomboy, Barangay Linambasan is the church founded by the faithful. They have come together to build a church that they will call their spiritual home; a Divine sanctuary. It was in July 2012 when the first mass was celebrated, with Reverent Father John Denosta as the first ever priest assigned to lead the church. It started as a mission station until it was declared as an Archdiocese in January 2018. 

It was 6 six years of solidarity, compassion and service to the people and this legacy will last for a lifetime. Generations will come and the church will grow to become stronger than ever. Every year we see a significant change and the faithful is building a more beautiful church that is a reflection of their Divinity.

Good Friday procession in 2015

Our Divine Mother of Christ would hear us and pray for us for our intentions. In times of crisis, we call upon the Divine and through the intersession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, her children will be comforted in peace and hope. For about 6 years, the church has become a haven for everyone who is seeking for a renewal, a peaceful sanctuary and a place to feel deeply involved in a spiritual community. 

The faithful has to continue on spreading the good news and will continue to serve with all their love and energy. The church is for everyone, and this gift from God will shower blessings to those who believe, share and serve. May the Divine love and light be our source of salvation and our guide to living an eternal life forever and ever.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Special: Real Life Superhero

The most unforgettable life lesson I learned from my father perhaps is feasible, but never easy. It is about dreaming big and being optimistic that I will make it; with all my energy and power. I wish to have been given powers just like superheroes and live an extraordinary life just like when I was a kid who used to daydream about holding a ball of fire in my hands or reading someone's mind. 

Anyway, being a superhero is a delusion, but when I was a kid that was like a real experience; something magical brought by creative imagination. Perhaps, everyone may have similar fantasy and even up to adulthood whenever we feel like we would want to escape from the reality. We just want to be saved from trouble and stress by such delusional thinking. 

As a grown up man, things never get easy. There are times when I fantasize situations if I find it hard to live in the real world. If only I am wealthy enough not to work hard for a living and just travel to places whenever I want. Give away money to less privileged to lessen their burden of suffering. However, such thoughts is just a fantasy. Going back to real world, I need to work hard to earn for myself so I could live decently, travel to places with just enough money and give even a little amount to the needy. I realized that I don't need to fulfill my dreams just by having a fantasy world in my thoughts. I should escape from the troubled thoughts and start living the kind of life that I have.

Growing up with the right mindset and the right action is a challenge. But there is one superhero whom I believe would rescue and willing to give a little power, and that is a Father. He is there to push us when we feel weak, when we feel unappreciated, when we feel undervalued and when we feel powerless. I used to be like that and maybe up to the present time. My Father would care to give his precious advice about life. He is full of wisdom that inspires me to exert more energy so I could face all the challenges thrown at me. 

I may encounter difficulties in life, but I should be living fearlessly. I have to stand tall and ready to face all the battles. There are times that I feel like quitting, but there's a certain energy that pushes me to move forward. I realize that I just need to slow down, take a break for a moment and come back with a clear thought and a positive spirit. I thank my father for passing on the positive virtues that's worth emulating. I may not have accomplished much in life as he does, however a dose of positivity would help me to achieve success.

Looking back, about 5 years ago, I have written about Father's Day Special: Leading The Waand the message is about will power; having a fighting spirit. Still relevant in today's time and will serve as a guide in living a better life. I believe I can make my dreams come true even though I am not a superhero. I may not have a tremendous power, but I should remain optimistic that I can deal life with all my energy and power. Not imagined, but a real power that comes from the heart and mind. That's my weapon... that is my power. 

Today, we honor and give thanks to our Father for raising us well and for guiding us in living our lives. Like a compass, you pointed out the right way and you cheer us up when we arrive at the destination. We are forever grateful for the good life you dreamed for us and we wish you a better life that you deserve. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memories of Summer 2018

There's nothing compares than the feeling of happiness that the summer brings. For some, they may hate the hot and humid temperature while for others it is truly a bliss. Whenever the favorable temperate month of February ends, it excites us and seems looking forward for out of town trips, adventures or just a simple staycation to unwind and rejuvenate. Perhaps the most joyful time of the year is spent at the beach, a waterfall, a river or a mountain resort just to provide relief from intense heat.

What makes summer of 2018 memorable is the journey on the road that no matter how far is the destination, still we enjoy the scenery and can't wait to experience what the place has to offer. The cool and gentle blow of the wind; the allure of the ocean; the amazing sunrise in the east and the beautiful sunset in the west are the things that awaken our spirit. It is when we recognize the beauty of the natural wonders that we experience ultimate happiness that is truly memorable.

There's a feeling of great relief and a sense of renewal for even a short while once we had a temporary escape from the usual work. There's a natural healing that cleanses and purifies us to make us complete and ready to face a more complex world with calmness and peace. I always believe that our body always find its way to heal itself. It's as if our soul wanders around and our physical body would bring us somewhere. Our soulful desire is what makes us live our purpose to stop for awhile and take a deep breath as we enjoy the precious moment.

Summer Food bazaar at Bonifacio High Street
Summer time is about enjoyment on little things that matters. We enjoy being outdoors and experience life on the street. We enjoy the food accompanied with an upbeat music. We enjoy the vibrant and positive energy that gives us a sense of accomplishment as we look back on our victorious plans and actions. We made it! we succeeded! and we express our gratitude for it.

Summer time is the preservation phase of the year and a great time to get energized and revitalized before the onset of the rainy season or monsoon. We enjoy the season in the sun and we return to our place with much gratitude and peace in our heart and mind. During our travel, we develop realizations about work and life balance that we deserve a much needed break once in a while to relieve stress and burnout; the prize is appreciation for a meaningful life — a life well lived. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Special: Unconditional Love

A Mother is someone who loves us with all her heart. That perhaps is the definition that most of us would describe to our mother. Being loving and caring is beyond her duty of motherhood; it is a commitment and it is eternal. When we were young, we were helpless and we ended up crying and we cling to our mother who would then comfort us; making us feel safe and feel protected. As we grew up, our mother is still there who watches us as we embrace our own world making sure that we can stand up on our own.

Today, we celebrate Mother's day and it is a celebration of life; that we are here in this world because of her and we continue to live better for her undying love and support. Mother's Day Special: A Celebration of Love is not just a one day celebration. It is to be remembered and celebrated at any time of the year whenever we feel the need to appreciate them and make them feel special. We may not be showing off how deeply we love them, but somehow we get to make them feel good with our sweet gestures.  

Distance may not become a hindrance in showing our love to our mother. She is there to listen when we feel weak or frightened. She assures us that everything would be fine and you keep on fighting. The world is tough and we need to become a fighter in the real world. Mother's Day Special: Compassionate Care is a way of raising us to become a better person and to realize our purpose in the community where we live in. We are being taught never to give up easily, but whenever we feel lost, there's a victory coming on our way. We just need to be prepared to accept and live it wholeheartedly.

Today, there may be children who doesn't have a biological mother on their side. But someone has given them hope and stand up to be their mother. It is a commitment and a testament of unconditional love. Blessed are those kids who has a second mother to be at their side and to guide them on their way up. When the time comes that they are living independently, they will reminisce and look back to their second mother and honor them for raising them well and for giving them a life worth living. 

Our mother, our heroes! Our fighter and our defender! They will always protect and love us and we give them back by way of following them because mother knows what is good for their kids. We honor and give them thanks. To our mothers, we pray for them to have more strength and power to live in this world and to continue on loving us children today and forever.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Great Escape

Weekend  is a great time for soulful conversation or reflection. But, when today's lifestyle is spent mostly on computers or smartphones, there's a little time for a real and deeper retreat about the things that matters; our life's soulful journey and quest for meaning. I may be guilty of binge watching over Netflix series or movies, but hey! It's Sunday and just a moment of relaxation and appreciation of visual arts. After all, we get to enjoy and got a moral lesson from the striking lines of the actors. Sometimes, it's the simple and short movie lines that strikes us from inside leaving us in tears. It brings back wonderful memories of a recent or distant past and we couldn't get over easily.

What's with The Dalai Lama that I got so interested to watch a movie of his great escape? It was back in 2011 that I started to know more about him and how significant and influential he is to India and the rest of the world. The Dalai Lama may be a Tibetan by blood, but through the years he has become a world-renowned spiritual leader. It was then in India when I started to read his books that talks about love, peace and compassion — truly captivating to the soul. Perhaps, many people still do not know him, but his message of love and compassion is similar to that of The Pope. I am a Christian, but love is a universal language that unites humanity and the world. Same as with compassion on which we have evolved as a human being. When we love someone, it's not about the similarities that we are looking into. We love someone despite of our differences; in race, creed or beliefs. 

The Dalai Lama's great escape was about the sacrifice he did to save Tibet and its people. It was in 1959 when he sought asylum in India to escape from persecution of the Chinese. He feared for his life and the fate of the Tibetans if they chose to stay under the Chinese rule. His escape doesn't mean cowardice, but he was thinking about the future of the Tibetans. Almost 6 decades has passed and The Dalai Lama is still strong and remains to be a highly influential figure both political and spiritual. He is a greatest gift to India and is visited by thousands of people globally in his hometown in Dharamsala, the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. People who are into spiritual practice would love to see and hear from his lectures and stories that are practical in today's time. 

I was fortunate to have seen him personally in Dharamsala back in 2013. Meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala was one of the greatest experience I had. To have met him is a spiritual bliss that I always cherish. His philosophy is beyond the teachings of Buddhism and that was the time when I see Buddhism in a different perspective. It is simply universal teaching about love, peace and compassion that is relevant in our time. 

The Dalai Lama's great escape led to a movement calling for a "Free Tibet" even after decades of settlement in India. The Tibetan Government in-exile is very much active in their quest for freedom. to be an independent state with respect to their culture and spirituality. How could his great escape be relevant in our time? As I watched the movie, I could imagine his suffering, but that is due to his undying love for his people. The Dalai Lama left Tibet without expensive and luxurious possessions. He just had enough to survive the long days of wandering until he reached the spiritual land of the free. 

There are times when we have to make the greatest sacrifice for our love ones. We have to go independently by leaving them behind. However, no matter how long we haven't seen them, still they are in our hearts. Our love has evolved that it is not only about serving them, but serving others with love and compassion. Great escape is about leaving our fears, hatred and other negative emotions that are toxins in our being. In today's time, people may fear the unknown, becoming hateful and full of revenge and wicked thoughts. We forgot to align ourselves back to our nature of being good. 

We have seen countries go against each other; world leaders fighting each other; citizens against their government. We have not ended centuries old conflicts and wars resulting to poverty and suppression. When shall we become free gain? Free from abuses, maltreatment and slavery? When shall we end physical and emotional suffering and killing? We may never know what the future holds, but one thing that can free us from pain and suffering is when we learn to plan for our great escape. Like the Dalai Lama, he made a wise decision and acted with bravery to face his fears, deal with the unknown and free his heart from hatred. We can learn from The Dalai Lama's spiritual journey on why love and compassion can free us all modern day suffering. That we can live not by having more, but by having what is truly important and meaningful. 

Back to reality, that was another quality Netflix time. With a cup of coffee and a relaxing meditation music, I can have a goodnight sleep and start the working week full of positivity. No matter how tough our world has become, still we have to free our inner world not to defeat our life's purpose our quest for life and meaning. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekend Fitness Inspirations for Better Health

It's summer time and people are into different activities that are fun and exciting. It may be the  ocean breeze that makes people swim in the beaches. Others may enjoy the long ride reaching the mountain  peak; offering the best view of the valley and the sky. Some may enjoy bonding moments with their family in their hometown while on summer vacation. Endless bucket list to fulfill desires to unwind, feel relaxed and to live the greatest moments of their lives. These are what different personalities are up to as they experience the hottest season just before the onset of the monsoon.

Summer time is what brings us closer to our goals as we finally execute plans in action. I have set some goals as my new year's resolution to shed a few pounds, maintain ideal weight and get fit. Forget about Travel Inspirations for a moment and focus more on regaining better physical health. This way I can do lots of activities and opportunities as I get back on track feelings lighter and healthier. It seems a simple goal, but determination and the will-power to make a brand new start is the key to make it happen. Oftentimes it's just a plan and when a cycle of procrastination attacks, nothing happens and the goal is dying and worse is to have just expired. 

All these years, I have learned to put an expiration on the goal being set to accomplish. Never to wait for the right moment or the perfect moment; but to have the will to start and discover ways to improve as you get closer to achieve success. Nothing in life comes easy from the start. It's always the will power that sets us to burn our desires to become fast like a car or higher like an airplane. Our dream, it's limitless! It's our pace that sets us closer to the destination and to win. Like a race, we burn the fuel of passion and perseverance and we stay on track with agility and endurance. 

I am determined, so I have to start... on my own time... my own pace. This summer season is ideal for physical activities as there are fitness enthusiasts who bring awareness to people about the value of health and wellness. I have witnessed the 2-day Fitstreet which is an annual event at Bonifacio high street, BGC offering various activities for the body, mind and spirit. Non-stop zumba of different classes encourages everyone to relieve stiffness and to start swaying the hips and lose love handles. Marathon is fun for those who would love to go an extra mile and burn calories fast while strengthening their core.  Yoga and meditation is purely bliss. It's done just before the sun shines so bright in the serene environment. The Power of Meditation is alive! It's been a while since the last time I practice it regularly, but the body, mind and spirit has to sync so well for better awareness and right consciousness. 

Fitstreet was created with a purpose of inspiring and motivating people to step up, move up, get started and finish what you start. In years to come, we may be living in a highly digital society, but being aware and conscious of what truly matters makes life valuable and precious. A lifetime commitment for physical fitness might not be a goal for now, but a single step is enough to start the game until the time when we lose the energy and could no longer carry out the things we used to love. As long as we have the energy and the will to live, we can go the farthest distance and live the greatest life we deserve. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Physical Fitness For Better Health

Lifestyle change is such a hard thing to commit since it requires discipline and consistency. Dietary change for instance is hard especially when living and working in a place surrounded by instant or fast food. That is more convenient for always on-the-go people who doesn't have much time to prepare their food. The physical effect could be worse since it makes people become obese and prone to hypertension and higher level of cholesterol. This urban lifestyle is making people becoming unhealthy. Looking fit but on the process of developing symptoms like pre-hypertension or hyperlipidemia.

It was in 2016 when I felt that there's something wrong with my health. Heaviness on my head accompanied by cluster pain is making me sick. I experienced increase in heart rate and hyperventilation. That time I felt anxious about what's happening in me. Until I seek medical help and through diagnostic and laboratory test it was found out that I have a very high level of total cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol. In medical parlance, I have a hyperlipidemia and I am predisposed to cardiovascular diseases leading to heart attack or stroke if left untreated. That really scares me whenever I think of the possible consequence of the lifestyle I have chosen.

I used to be a health trainer for about 4 years and during those times I have helped people getting fit and healthier in all levels of health; physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. I used to teach physical exercises and breathing techniques for health and longevity. I have reached out to more people in several cities in the Philippines and Asia. After I left my role, I am back to the old ways; less exercise and meat-based diet that is high in fat content. I can't resist or maybe I couldn't live without meat in my diet. I didn't bother since I believe I could eat anything without getting sick. I am not obese and I didn't feel unhealthy. Until one day, I am convinced that unhealthy and unbalanced diet is really bad to physical health since its manifestations bothered me.

It was in November 2017 when I decided to consult a physician again and have a laboratory check and the result is still the same. My cholesterol level remains high and I was prescribed to take anti-cholesterol drug and dietary change. Another test 2 months after and the result was consistent though I have taken a medicine but have ignored food choices. I just can't avoid eating fast food almost daily for about a year. However, I was alarmed about people getting stroke at a very young age and I don't want to experience it. So I have learned to ignore fast food, though not totally and I try to drink less soda. I started eating lighter and preferred pescetarian diet; fish with some vegetables. Then I felt good that I can survive the dietary change. One more thing is the physical fitness to be part of the lifestyle change. I used to be physically active, so I believe I can start again.

Living in a highly urbanized city should not be an excuse not to become physically fit and healthy. In BGC, just few steps from my new place is a good place for exercise. Built as a recreation park, the Track 30th  is for those who have interest in any forms of exercise like jogging, brisk walking and breathing exercises.  You can see people of all ages, young and old who are into fitness even for few hours. It's a wonderful thing when urban planners now see the importance of having a piece of nature with trees and natural elements that makes people grounded. There are bigger stones where one could sit to relax and meditate.That was a bliss when finally I have the energy and enthusiasm to be back on fitness for a better health. Track 30th is a good place to start and as I continue to explore, I should get more determined of the end result; to feel lighter, calmer and healthier -- free from diseases and untoward symptoms.

Post exercise meal should have been light and to have dropped by at my favorite bakery is also a fitspiration. Few pieces of Pandesal sfuffed with spanish style sardines and coffee is already enough for carbohydrate and protein dietary requirements plus the antioxidant for free radicals. I should learn to prepare a healthy meal and snacks to improve my health and achieve wellness. With exercise and proper diet I can become a living testimony that we can achieve health and fitness and fight off diseases through appropriate lifestyle changes.

I am inspired to share this journey to others who may share the same story or those busy professionals who might be struggling to commit for a total lifestyle change. Physical fitness starts with a commitment followed by endurance and perseverance. It's not only today, but I hope to maintain what is ideal.  A strong physical body also follows a strong mind and spirit that's all we need.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Week 2018: A Loving and Merciful God

Visita Iglesia 2018: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish; Divine Mercy Shrine; San Roque Parish - Mandaluyong

This year's  Holy week reflection may be different as compared to my previous years' celebration, since I have contemplated on the reality in today's society where there's an absence of light in the hearts just for the sake of cleansing or renewal. 

In our country where the battle between good versus evil is such a big challenge to be won; when thousands of lives were not saved, but have left a scar and darkness from deep within. It's a terrible and sad reality where darkness has invaded the souls not just of the sinners but also the righteous men; the so-called protector of the state and its people.

When killing has been a normal thing produced in the mouth of the most powerful man...
When abuses to women have been a normal form of mockery...
When the biggest offenders are being protected while the poor men are being executed...
When the young minds are becoming influenced and confused of what's right and wrong...
When dealing with things in a violent way to prove righteousness and justice...

In this new generation of believers and non-believers, we have allowed ourselves to be defeated by the darkness. We have allowed to be tempted to commit a sin to eradicate the dark, yet it's done in a wicked way; a barbaric way that is unacceptable in today's time.

Is there some light hidden in our hearts that needs to blossom and enlighten the people that surrounds us? That might be a reality to some, but truly a mystery that only a few understands. Today's society is focusing on wars that they will never be triumphant. Absence of love and inhumane behavior to defeat evil is never easy. Just like defeating our inner demons is a challenge that we have to fight forever. We have not resorted to other means, but to seek the Divine light to renew us and strengthen our faith that we could defeat evil in our hearts and minds.

Our society is becoming sick that we have allowed anger, resentment, aggression and violence to solve unending problem. It has become an instant solution to ward off negativity. This in return created a cycle of violence in our emotional, mental and physical state. We have have been defeated by the darkness and our solution is not to seek the light but to create a chaos; another darkness that have enslaved our soul.

Let this Holy week be a reminder that we have the goodness in everyone's heart no matter how evil people may have become. We may have sinned in the eyes of men, yet there's always a loving and merciful God who can forgive us and renew our life. There's always a God who will take us out from the darkness and live an illumined life. There will always be an evil in this world, but we can always defeat them through the purity of our hearts and our thoughts.

Let this Holy week be the time to renew our faith; to be strengthened by God's love and mercy. Let us not allow evil to influence our thoughts and intentions. Let us remain to be meek and humble like a child. Let us remain to be innocent and forgiving and not to plant seed of negative intentions or harm to other people.

Let our Divinity rule us to be kind and loving...
Let  our conscience dictate us of what is right and wrong...
Let our humanity rule instead of insecurity and bigotry...
Let us be the light in the world of wickedness and lies

Our society is dying in terms of human values and virtues, let us help to resurrect our old and good ways. When we have been raised as a good child, we will never forget that goodness in us no matter how sinful we may have become. We can better appreciate the light when we have been in the dark, but let us not prosecute those who are already in the dark, but lift them up and help them towards spiritual renewal that they may appreciate the light after a longer journey of the darkest moment of their lives. If God is Loving and merciful, how could we not forgive and help them lead a better life.

There's always opposite in this world...
There's a light after the dark...
There's a day after the longest night...
There's a joy after loneliness and sorrow...

Let the resurrected Christ be our shield to rule our hearts and to win over evil and bring light in our society and our world today and forever.

© 2018 Del Cusay

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Road Ahead: Setting A Goal and Getting Started

Oftentimes it's hard to get things done when everything seem to be just a plan or a goal to be set in the future. Yes, there are times when we are preoccupied with thoughts that are about to happen in a distant future, but all we do it to keep on rehearsing until it becomes polished or perfect. However, no matter how refined our thoughts may be, nothing will happen with our goals if it's just a thoughtform without necessary action. For years, this has been the reality to most people who are dreamers; setting a goal, but not acting on it until everything is perfect. A certain perfection would mean no room for failure and everything must be smooth sailing.

Whether our intention is directed towards personal development; like for instance developing our self-esteem to finally quit the corporate job and become a freelance professional, such thing brings excitement though a vivid imagination. A dreamed reality is hard to distinguish from a real life achievement, though the latter is the most real and not just pure imagination. Just like a real dream when we thought that it happened already. The moment we wake up seems that it was real and not a dream state. A dejavu or whatever we call it, a dream will remain as a dream and an action will become a reality.

For some, learning to drive and owning a car is a dream. It's not just a luxury these days but a necessity in everyday living. Since a kid, we have been dreaming of driving a car even the most fancy one. Anyway, it's just a dream, but we never realized that it's the simple dream that can make it turn into a reality. Through perseverance, we have worked on this goal and there comes a time when we have achieved it. Owning our dream car has become a reality, and for others it's a fantasy, but that is now their reality. As a Sales Consultant, helping people acquire their dream car is my goal and once they have owned it and drive for the first time, it brings certain level of happiness and excitement to discover the road ahead. It's the imagination of reaching a desired destination that brings joy to self that no matter how tough the journey, still we have the courage to finish the trip.

Another thing is about the journey to entrepreneurship when some may have planted on their thoughts that someday, they'll  run their own business and  manage their own people who will help them achieve personal goals. It takes years of endless planning, but there's no action to start the process of owning it. It's not merely based on fear alone; it's not about lack of knowledge, but it's about the lack of courage and perseverance. How about pursuing post-graduate studies? Do you aspire to get ahead in a corporate world? That's just 2 yrs and you'll have an advanced degree deserved to get promoted and eventually raise in salary. So many dreamed realities that will remain to be a state of inertia unless acted through force. That's a law and the universe tell you otherwise.

Even simple goals have remained as a thoughtform. Is it the goal to achieve physical fitness? Going to the gym and getting rid of some unwanted cellulites? How about hiking and mountain climbing? Was it last year that you have promised to climb a mountain before the year ends? what happened? Simple goals yet so hard to start. I may be like that or you may be like that in some ways. That's my story and you have your own story to tell. It's a popular quotation I always remember that "The best thing to get ahead is to get started" and that must be true. It gives us the courage to make a brand new start. Not to live based on fear and anxiety, but living a life of power and mighty.

So when is the right time for it to happen? in the future? when exactly? well, there's to perfect time, but to act now. I've written something about The Power of Now: Being Aware and Present and it about the present awareness and consciousness of events that are relevant in our lives. Similar to our goals, we have to stop on chasing perfection but rather to enjoy the journey along the way and correct things as it goes... the journey goes on and setting a goal is just a single step, but getting started is when we get ahead in life beyond our wildest dreams and aspirations.

© 2018 Del Cusay

Friday, February 16, 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018: Prosperity and Abundance

Chinese culture and tradition was preserved by the Chinese-Filipino living in the Philippines from several generations and they have continued to influence Filipinos in many ways. Our lifestyle which includes the food, clothing, belief system and even modern technology are embraced and valued. We are always delighted by the colorful sights and architectural designs and entertained with musical instruments that are classical. These are some of the influences we've adapted for centuries and will continue to exist in generations. Chinese tradition is worthy of preservation since they show us how to love our culture; to show respect to older people and to share blessings to others.

It was in 2013 when I first experience Chinese new year in Binondo. The street was not as crowded as the celebration in 2018, yet people enjoy the scenes and the Chinese cultural presentation. Celebrating the Chinese New Year 2013: A New Beginning is something worth reminiscing since it awakened my curiosity and facination with Chinese history and culture and their massive influence in Filipino culture. Today, Binondo is not only a great cultural hub, but an important economic center in Manila. The district is vibrant and creates a nostalgia as the world's oldest Chinatown. Centuries of cultural and economic ties that have formed great friendships and closer relationships. There's a certain bond that unites us and by embracing each other's culture and beliefs, we're leaving a legacy to the future generations of the lasting friendships we have formed through the years. 

Video above; click arrow to view

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2017: An Auspicious Celebration was about optimism and higher hopes of what's about to happen or a prediction of fate. Truly a magnificent celebration becomes surreal and it does wonderful thing about present and future living. With Chinese zodiac, prediction has become magical and brought a wondrous surprise. Being hopeful to the highest degree attracts opportunities and that was a turned reality in 2017. Something wonderful happened and another chapter has opened which is bigger and brighter. 

The year 2018 was also welcomed; full of hopes and aspirations for more abundance and a prosperous living. A comfortable life that we have been dreaming of and a simple life that is dedicated for service. No matter what influences we have embraced, still we are a Filipino in words, in deeds and thoughts. We will continue to be more optimistic about what is unknown and does not live in fear, but the courage to face the challenges with perseverance and a positive attitude. Like the Tsinoy or the Chinese-Filipino, they have succeeded in life because of their mindset of abundance; of having enough and always asking for more so that they too can share what they have. Prosperity is about receiving and acknowledging the blessings that are coming into our life and taking a part of it to give back and become a blessing to others who are in need. May the year 2018 gives a meaningful life; a prosperous and abundant life and dreams coming true in the years to come. 

© 2018 Del Cusay

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Never Chase For Happiness: You can Create it

Some people say that to be happy we need to be successful at what we do; we have to reach for our dreams, our destiny and not the imagined reality. Well, that sounds true to some, but happiness starts to ignite from within. It is not to be chased and it is never a destination. It may be a journey that we create that even on the crossroads we still find that little spark of happiness.

There was a guy who was never content of his present life. He finds his world as dull and unexciting. Full of doubts and negativity, he always find happiness in the presence of group of friends and is dependent on them. He is not fully in control and tend to worry in the absence of his friends with whom he considered as his own family. He has a lifestyle that others couldn't afford and felt happy for having a group of friends who share the same personality and lifestyle. The guy wanted to win his friends by bragging about the new things he own and that makes him happy when he is praised or idolized. It's a kind of narcissistic personality that is too expensive for someone to possess. Wherever he goes, he has to compete with others and doesn't want to get left behind. For him, he can be happy if in the presence of friends but can't motivate ownself. Happiness is something he has to chase from others to get comfortable and secure and felt down when alone.

Happiness is something we create and not entirely dependent on others' opinion of us. There is happiness in solitude even more than the presence of a group or team. Happiness comes from security of oneself and the confidence to own a personal battle. Wherever we go we find happiness from even small things that are meaningful. Certainly, we create our own reality and we can always survive a journey of a thousand miles if we can rely on ourselves. Happiness comes from within and  is projected to others. We create a wave of happiness that is contagious and that improves our feelings and intrapersonal relationships. Happiness is everywhere, but all along it can be found first not from afar or a specific type of person or a group. It is when we recognize our soulful desires that makes our heart feeling joyful leading to eternal happiness we truly deserve.

© 2018 Del Cusay