Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moving Forward and Awakening the Power Within

If you have a talent and ability in something, you must learn to share it for others to emulate and be inspired by your ways. Inherent talent can launch you into something in the distant future if you just realize your potential and the awakened power of your soul. 

In our society, how many have natural talents and skills to offer and contribute to the betterment of the people? Who can speak up and start the actual change? We may have a lot of potential talents, including you. 

In a material world with greed and lust for money, people lose trust in some of our leaders entrusted to deliver basic needs and services. Someone must arise to offer help to the people, and you can do your share by tapping into your own powers. Just like Mother Teresa of Kolkata once said,  Mother Teresa of Kolkata said that we should not just wait for leaders, but we can do it individually. 

You will notice that our societies are becoming sick and need to be healed from corruption, conflicts, wars between countries, and even the calamities that the world experiences, natural or man-made. We have experienced many catastrophes due to global warming; droughts resulting in famine and strong typhoons/ hurricanes that strike at any time and place are becoming everyday occurrences. 

There is still a chance to renew and build up to something good. If the foundation seems weak, it is time to correct it and build a stronger one. We have been stuck for a long time due to our psychological traumas and insecurities; we dealt with fears and phobias that could be real enough for us not to move forward.

We are all suffering from the ill effects of our actions, and there is a destruction phase for us to realize our faults and begin a wiser life with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

Life purpose: why on earth are you here for

Back to our real-life purpose, it is not to achieve personal satisfaction alone or your deepest desires, but it is your commitment to serve with your big heart and good intentions. Whatever profession and passion you may have, it does help your dharma or life purpose, and you can even go beyond by reaching and touching their hearts to a higher level.

When you become closer to people who need help, you will realize the goodness of your soul and the greatness of your spirit to bring significant change to society. Reaching out to people is a good way of uplifting their conditions, and it will create a ripple effect of goodwill as they start to stand up on their own and begin the transformation in their lives. 

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