Friday, April 14, 2017

Holy Week 2017: Leading The Way

Holy week has been a tradition passed from generations of devoted Christians, from Christian ancestors like Peter until the present descendant, His Holiness Pope Francis. Christians are celebrating the passion, death, and resurrection of the Christ who promised the salvation of humanity through the Holy Cross, where he suffered and died and became a symbol of our Christian faith.

We have a great tradition of commemorating the Holy Week in the Philippines. It's all about Christ, the center of our faith. Our devotion is directed to Him as he saved us from sins. Like most Filipinos, we honor Christ in many ways. Some would show their faith in deeper self-infliction, similar to the suffering of Christ. Others would celebrate at home in a deeper self-reflection and meditation. We have ways of showing piety and devotion to Christ, which is the culture to be passed on to the next generations of faithful Christians.

Good Friday at Manila Cathedral

The Good Friday is a symbol of our personal suffering as a reflection of the passion of Christ on the cross. As Christians, we have our cross to carry and overcome the challenges. Life has been meaningful as we remember the sufferings we embraced with Christ at the center of our life. Our savior will always be Christ as our guiding light no matter what obstacles we are going through; the light of the universe and the light of all.

The negativity of the world is a reflection of individual thoughts toward humanity. Conflicts and wars resulting in the destruction of life are significant source of stress and devastated self. Inhumane treatment of others is a result of selfishness and greed. The world has never been peaceful, even at the early age of time, but the greatest gift we can offer to the world is a little peace inside our hearts and soul. 

We give out peace, and we receive peace of mind in return. It's always good to be reminded that the holy week is about getting out of our personal sufferings that we have created. Our sick mind could manifest into the sickness of our soul and physical body. To escape from hell is understanding the cause and way out of suffering.

On this Holy week
, we hit the negativity that haunts us, even those closest to us. We repel the dark light and replace it with pure light from the Divine. People will poke us for our misdeeds and be our guide Leading us to Jesusour most significant source of strength in our lowest moment in time. We take the path we have chosen, and we have to understand and accept the Divine power, love, and light bestowed on us.

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