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Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Insider's View: Opening of SIDC One Stop Shop in the Visayas

The largest Cooperative in the Philippines, The Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC), has opened its first-ever One-Stop-Shop in the Visayas. They have chosen our hometown of Jamindan, Capiz.

On October 30, hundreds of Jamindanganons attended the grand opening and blessing of the SIDC One Stop Shop at National Road, Poblacion, Jamindan, Capiz. Our Local Government Unit officials also attended it and welcomed this great opportunity that supports the livelihood and uplifts the economic development of the people and the entire community.

Reverend Father Jeffrey Estrella and Reverend Father Krys Seรฑeres from the Our Lady of  Perpetual Help Lomboy Parish officiated the blessing ceremony. It was followed by a Ribbon-cutting ceremony headed by AGAP Congressman Rico Geron, Dr. Angelito Bagui, SIDC Chairperson, SIDC Board of Directors including the LGU officials of Jamindan led by Mayor Mac Valdemar, Vice Mayor Ildy Cusay, SB Members and Barangay Chairmen.

The messages of SIDC officials and LGU Jamindan officials inspired the people. They have warmly welcomed this newest development in town. They are grateful for the infrastructure project given by SIDC through AGAP Partylist, the Farmer's training center located at Poblacion, Jamindan, Capiz. We also welcome future programs and projects offered by SIDC and AGAP that have the economic benefit and social impact thru Barangay Development Fund.

The biggest grocery store in town, the COOP MART, offers a modern and convenient shopping experience and the lowest price for groceries and other merchandise. Its meat shop also offers modern, fresh, and highest-quality meat products of the highest sanitary standards.

On an opening day, hundreds of SIDC members had their first grocery experience at COOPMART. They benefit from the lowest price and the patronage refund. It is open to serve from Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week, from as early as 6 AM until 7 PM, and the friendly and helpful staff is ready to serve the members and consumers. These are the reasons more people and families will love COOPMART.

SIDC Feeds offers the highest quality products for pig raising and other animal livelihood farming. They also have veterinary products for quality produce. More families will benefit from this livelihood opportunity with the technical assistance of SIDC.

Another service is the SIDC Koopinoy Savings and Loans. For only 100 pesos, a member can open a passbook savings account and apply for different kinds of loans depending on their needs. There's also a Young Savers Club for those below 18 years of age to start their saving experience. Koopinoy Savings and Loans is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Saturday.

SIDC One-Stop-Shop opens various opportunities and benefits for members and the whole municipality of Jamindan. May it continue to grow in the years to come and improve the quality of living of members and the people thru its various quality products and services. SIDC is our partner for local development as we work together to achieve our vision of a Shining Jamindan.

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Insider's View: A Better Living Through Cooperative

Life is easier, lighter, and brighter when people work together for a common goal and interests; when people aspire to uplift and improve their lives. That's the essence of a Cooperative a group of like-minded people working towards sustainable economic development.

In our hometown in Jamindan, Province of Capiz, we have welcomed the establishment of the largest Agri-based Cooperative in the Philippines. It is the Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative or SIDC that was founded and first established in the Province of Batangas in 1969.

In celebration of the 50th year of SIDC, we have warmly welcomed their partnership for local economic development and put up the first-ever SIDC One Stop Shop in the Visayas; which is in our hometown of Jamindan.

I am fortunate to have applied for a regular membership before its grand opening on October 30 and I was able to have a glimpse of their products and services to the people and community.

As an Agricultural-based Cooperative, SIDC will have products and services for its members which include Organic fertilizer, veterinary products,  feeds, meat shops, and provide assistance and partnership for Hog raising or pig farming. 

SIDC also has Koopinoy Savings and Loans service to its active members to support their financial needs and growth. Members will have an opportunity for a loan to start up their farm business. They also provide other loan services like a vehicle loans, motorcycle/tricycle loans, micro and enterprise loan for entrepreneurs with no collateral requirement for members.

For member Savers, Koopinoy provides a passbook savings account and time deposit with higher interest per annum. Even children below 18 years old can open a savings account to secure their future.

SIDC has a modern look grocery/convenience store that offers the lowest price in town. This is another savings for the members and consumers
aside from the Loyalty rewards as a member.

SIDC will also accept bills payment for various utility bills and also has a money remittance service in partnership with Truemoney padala. Consumers will experience convenience on these financial services.

SIDC One Stop Shop in Jamindan will open its door to everyone and may it bring progress in the lives of the people who patronize its products, services, and programs. This way we will achieve a better local economy leading to a better community.

© 2019 Del Cusay

Sunday, September 30, 2018

When September Ends: Timeless Wishes

There's nothing more to be excited about than hearing Christmas songs in the Philippines. That moment is genuinely awaited by many: the month of September. Perhaps there is something so special about the beginning of the "Ber" month season. This is when we feel loving, caring, and somewhat excited about the remaining few months before the year ends. We may still need to achieve some of our goals, but it's never too late.

What makes September so unique for me is that this is the month that I was born; this is my birth month, and the same as with the person who has given birth to me; my loving mother. We both celebrate our birthday in September, and it's always a fantastic month, like the autumn season. We feel the positive vibe and are more excited about what comes next. 

This month, I feel vital energy in my goals and desires. I am more motivated to execute my ideas and plan into action. This may be a tiring month based on actual experience, but in the end, it is fulfilling. Nothing in life comes easy, and when we aspire for success, we have to sweat it out to fuel our passion and desires. Some tasks may always be challenging, and that needs patience and tolerance. It is when we persevere that we reap the best rewards after that. We trust the system and are guided to do what is just. Then, we feel relieved and grateful for the challenges we have survived. 

It may have been a fantasy, but the time has come to take action on the dream that was put on 'hold' for the longest time. No matter how long it would be, I still take the initiative to live on my dreams and make them 'alive'; otherwise, they will still be a dream and not reality. Wake me up when September ends because this month may be full of make-believe ideas turning into action. Here comes October, the first month of the last quarter. This is it! And may the Divine guides inspire and bless the venture I am now into. May this be the fulfillment of my most awaited heart's desire. 

© 2018 Del Cusay