Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas in Our Hearts 2017: The Unexpected Reality

Christmas season brings wonderful memories in each of us; feeling joyful for the gifts received as a kid during Christmas parties and grand year-end parties as an adult. Those moments brought a meaning to our lives, our families and dear friends. It created a certain bond — a connection that could last forever. However, no matter how pleasant those memories were, still there may be some unpleasant events that didn't prevent us from moving forward. Yuletide season goes on and it heals and renews certain emotions, beliefs and personalities.

Christmas in Our Hearts: A Wonderful Beginning reminded me of celebration away from home, yet connected in spirit. It was the time when I felt very much grateful and joyful for the wonderful blessings received. That was unexpected reality and not in a dream state from a deep sleep.

Years have passed and the road ahead brought so many endless opportunities. The world showers abundance for those who believe and have faith; those who have fallen, but never gave up. A temporary shelter to a wandering spirit, but when knocked and called, it passes the same road to exit and back to where our hearts belong. To follow our heart's desire could mean freedom from emotional and mental assault; to bring back our old-self — stronger and better.

On the road to the peak is truly a bliss. Christmas in Our Hearts 2015: A Blissful Journey is a memorable moment of fun and excitement. It is the road to self renewal and feeling hopeful of the next chapter. Just like those whom have just started to live on their dreams and now living on the next level of a more wonderful reality. They have persevered and endured the pain and now have gained their greatest surprise that they truly deserve.

There were moments of victory and living our purpose. The road to healthcare mission brought a different kind of service for those who seek healing. Just like a book, it has its last chapter and page. Christmas in Our Hearts 2016: Breakthrough to Success was a call to service, self discovery and affirmation. When the last page was done, we seek for a greater challenge; something unknown and it brought us to unimaginable journey. It may have revealed our personal weaknesses, our dislikes and move out to comfort zones, but it also revealed a different personality who is vulnerable to threats and uncontrolled forces.

Along the way, we meet people who are good and bad to us. People whom we met by chance and have helped us where we are right now. No matter what happens; with life's ups and downs, there will always be a family of our own and wherever we have settled in. The virtue of gratitude, forgiving and loving nature still reigns in our hearts and we continue to look back and reminisce those wonderful moments in our lives and have faith on current state of unexpected reality. The chapter doesn't close yet. It's still a wonderful journey and challenges on the crossroads. The seed of thought planted years back is now becoming closer to reality. There are several unexpected circumstances, but certainly we create our reality; our desires and destiny.

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