Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Purple Garden in the Sky

Purple color is known to be a symbol of spirituality. It gives a pleasant appeal before the eyes and deep into the soul. It nourishes the body and the mind and expands our consciousness.

That makes purple the color of choice among lovers who chose to celebrate milestone with the Divine love and light.

Anywhere we go, we see shades of purple. From lilac to lavender and from indigo to magenta. It's soothing and it aids in healing. 

And so we choose a spiritual color that rejuvenates the body and awaken the power of the soul. That makes us feel good, look good and do good as we take the path leading toward another heights; our dreams, goals and heart's desires.

As we continuously seek for the meaning of life and purpose, the purple color reminds us of our expanded consciousness and higher self. That we are a spiritual being that experiences love and compassion that radiates to others.

The puple flowers in the garden and the purple sky is a reminder of a spiritual connection that challenges our imagination and ambition. With clarity of our thoughts and intentions, we see the light shining through. The radiance makes us feel light in an instant and out of the blue. 

This is the life we choose. This is the life that makes us feel alive. We live each day with gratitude in our hearts, and we live to give an inspiration and motivation; to keep on moving and on a constant motion.

Life is good. We are blessed with the people we share our love with. With the Divine blessings, we're even more delighted by the graces we receive each and every day; from this day, and for the rest of our lives.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay