Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunset Viewing at the Manila Bay

A reddish-gold hue. That's the best sunset I've ever seen. Stunningly beautiful, romantic and simply amazing.

There's something mysterious in a silhouette; with a backdrop of a seemingly painted work of art. But it's real! 

What you see in the picture is what you get when you're there witnessing it...

That's the Manila Bay sunset. Truly one of the world's best as attested by many people including foreign tourists. It's a famous attraction when one has to visit the Philippine capital city of Manila.

At Harbour Square baywalk, CCP Complex

What makes the Manila Bay sunset wonderful is its stunning glow until dusk just before it totally disappear. And so you get a picture perfect 'silhouette,' a mysterious shadow against the background that glows.

On June 6, 2019, I had a great time strolling at the Harbour Square baywalk, at the Philippine Cultural Center complex. After having an afternoon cup of coffee at the café, I waited for the chance to have a glimpse of the sunset. That was my last sunset viewing at the Manila Bay before I travel back in my hometown in Panay Island.

Some thoughts while strolling as I can't help but to appreciate this natural wonder before my eyes and also with the hundreds of other people who share smiles and happiness.

The Harbour Square baywalk

Families, group of friends and even solo traveler both local and foreign may have forgotten about their worries and relieved their stresses. It does healing wonder to the soul. It captures' emotions and it captivates the mind.

Manila Bay may not be perfect. It has its flaws. It needs some healing too... And only people who have been there could understand what's the problem and what needs to be done.

Fast forward... a year after... Manila Bay is on a center of controversies despite the pandemic.

With the beach nourishment project that aims to beautify a portion of the Manila Bay with an artificial white sand, the question is 'Is it timely?' or 'is it necessary and appropriate?'

It's not a real white sand like in Boracay or Palawan, but it's made from a crushed Dolomite rock transported all the way from the Island-province of Cebu.

Just recently, in just a few days time, a portion of Manila Bay turned into a white sand beach and was partially opened to the public on September 19, 2020.

Manila Yacht Club

Thousands have flocked just to witness how the area was transformed from a natural black sand to a coveted white sand.

People may be divided on the issue about the filling in of white sand; with no Environmental Impact Assessment conducted, but certainly there's one thing that we could all agree...

The main attraction is the natural and the charming sunset view of the Manila Bay. It's not the color of the sand after all. 

The Manila Bay skyline

Yes, we have several years to go before we could truly revive the ecosystem and beauty of the Manila Bay, but we see the eagerness of the people who would want a transformational development and a wonderful personal experience when they stroll on the the Manila's famous baywalk.

When I go back to Manila, I would be glad to witness the alluring sunset once again. I would be enjoying a soulful moment. And just like the last time, seeing people's happy and smiling faces

Manila Bay is a precious jewel of the Philippines. We care for it... We show our concern... And we love it...

The Manila Bay sunset

As we slowly regain Manila Bay, we take pride as a Filipino to show to the world a better Philippines; the "Pearl of the Orient Seas," today and beyond.

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