Monday, October 9, 2017

FORD ECOSPORT: Hernal Sisters' Journey from Manila to Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija

Ms. Margie Ann Hernal-Caasi works as a Medical Technologist at Nueva Ecija Doctor's Hospital for several years. We have a common interest since I have a background in healthcare, being a registered nurse and I've also worked in a hospital serving our patient partners. Her sister, Atty. Ma. Angela Hernal works as a public attorney at Gapan City Regional Trial court and currently on her first year of service. They are both passionate and excellent in their respective field of expertise and they have chosen to stay in their hometown to serve their townfolks.

On the last week of August, Ms. Margie registered and inquired through Autodeal website regarding the best deal for Ecosport. She was motivated and inspired to acquire the vehicle considered as the first urban SUV; with enough seating capacity equipped with safety features; latest technology and with a sporty look. Ms. Margie together with her sister, Atty. Hernal got the approval of East West bank and exactly a month after decided to release their dream car, the 2017 Ecosport Titanium. They have chosen white color that reflects on their personality showing elegance, sophistication, although sometimes longing for a simple life, yet meaningful life.

It was on September 30, 2017 that the Hernal family traveled all the way from their hometown in Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija going to Ford Global City to finally see their chosen vehicle -- the Ecosport. They arrived at the showroom ahead of the expected time and got more excited when the car was presented to them. To own a brand new car is not just an investment, but it's becoming a lifestyle. With their busy schedule, still they get to enjoy life while on the road. Their brand new Ecosport will surely be fun to drive and will bring them to places from daily commuting and also for weekend family escapades and adventures.