Monday, June 18, 2012

A Sparkling Life of Generosity

"We give light to those who are in the darkness; we give a light to those who are lost... and like a   light, we can live a sparkling life of generosity."

Blessings come into our lives at any moment and circumstance. Sometimes, it comes unexpectedly when we are already in our deepest despair and lose hope in what we are praying for. Occasionally, we interpret blessings as God's way of letting us know we are being heard for what we wish and aspire to.

In our lives, we have received numerous blessings that answer our prayers. We have asked for it, and now it has been granted. Whatever we enjoy is first conceived in our mind that now becomes a reality. We have it because of our faith and firm belief that we will achieve our strongest desires.  Everything we are enjoying now is the result of our 'wishful thinking' or imagination because we are a product of our mind's incredible power. If we think about something and put our greatest concentration, affirmation, and action, then chances are we will get our wishes to come true.


In life, we don't only receive graces, but we have to give back in return. If we have achieved our desires, we must share the positive energy to make our lives meaningful. In today's world, giving and receiving should be a two-way process to make it more balanced and fair. 

Those who are well-off and financially capable have a social responsibility. They can give their share through philanthropy. Hence, in the corporate world, they must do their corporate duties of providing a part of what they have earned. Less fortunate people also deserve some blessings. Some people live a life of discomfort and misery, and their hopelessness makes them feel that life is not worth living. 

It is in giving that we feel happy and contented. Giving something would mean we have enough. Giving away shows we care. Giving wholeheartedly without expecting something in return; is generosity.

Generosity is a good quality that we must practice. Even our little contribution makes us feel whole and have a sense of purpose. However, generosity comes in various ways and has its limitations; 


We are loved, and we give love in return. No matter what happens, our family will be there to support us in all our aspirations. They provide comfort and guidance in our way of living. When having separate lives, we must not forget our family ties and still be generous to give back our love, care, and time.


We can be generous by sharing our knowledge, expertise, and resources. It is a good feeling to become part of building up a better and more responsible society. What we do to our community will get back to us by providing a safer, more active, and purposeful organization. 


It is good to give thanks with a grateful heart. Everything we have is a blessing from the Divine and borrowed for a limited time. The generosity we do reflects an 'open and big heart,' and such is an act of being spiritually connected to our purpose.

We give light to someone and to our environment through simple means of giving; we give light to those in the darkness; we provide light to those who are lost... and like a light, we can live a sparkling life of generosity.

© 2012 Del Cusay