Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Power of Meditation

Together with the yogis in New Delhi, India

Meditation is an ancient spiritual tool used by Yogis and Sages, mostly in the Himalayan Region. It's incredible that this practice has been preserved and passed down through generations.

A lot of studies and researches have been done to prove the claims of its healing results in the body and mind. Indeed, it's a wonderful life tool for everyone who wanted some relaxation and calmness of the body, mind, and spirit.

I've been a meditation practitioner for several months already and it has contributed a great impact on my life. I've become calmer with my emotions and able to take control of difficult situations. It has also improved my memory. I became more focused and aware of my work and for whatever is happening in my surroundings.

Meditation has helped to correct my breathing pattern since I am a shallow and fast breather, but now I've learned that deep and regular breathing habit is important not only for physical health but also for emotional and mental health.

It is said that meditation is a tool for spirituality and it's true because I believe that the Divine Beings are present in moments of silence especially when you are ready to have a quiet moment and able to listen to inner voices.

Meditation uses special location, body positions, and hand seals which have significant meanings. To be able to concentrate well during meditation, you must be in a place that is free from noise and distraction. It is also appropriate to be in an open space or well-ventilated room. The back must be aligned and straight and the legs should be placed in a lotus or semi-lotus position or you may sit straight on a chair to make it more practical. Hands are placed on lap with hands facing upward. Hand seals must be used because it's one of the core essences of meditation as a tool for spirituality. When you join your index finger and thumb together, it symbolizes spiritual power, while joining the thumb and the middle finger together would mean material energy or power. Joining the thumb, index, and middle finger together would be the best practice as it is more balanced--the material and spiritual power combined together.

I meditate whenever I feel stressed, fatigued, and bored, and I've proven it to be very effective in regaining vitality. It makes me feel more relaxed and have peace of mind. Meditation has become an indispensable tool for me and I consider it to be valuable in all levels of health; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

Meditation is originally practiced using one's imagination and visualization, but for busy people, it's made easier and practical by just purchasing a voice-guided meditation available in the market today.

There are some meditation DVDs and books on the market today. It is also be purchased through the online store and it's also available on some of the popular video-sharing websites. However, be careful in choosing which meditation products to buy and consider the author's expertise and reputation.

I'm fortunate to have been taught by a real master of meditation. He spent some of his wonderful moments in the Himalayas and was also mentored by great masters. He has a deeper understanding of meditation practices and their hidden dangers. The knowledge and wisdom I've gained from him are beneficial in my own practice and for teaching other people through seminars on special meditation programs that he designed and created.

If my life has been transformed through the benefits and healing results of meditation, then I must believe that you must also start to give it a try and see for yourself how it changes your life's ideal and perspective.

© 2011 Del Cusay