Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year 2012: Faraway Journey, Greater Service and Breakthrough to Success

"In the material world that we live in, where the outer symbol of success fades and eventually will be gone, it would be good to ponder on the realization of our highest service to give to God, ourselves...our family.. our country, and the world at large."

The start of the year has been full of optimistic hope, optimism, and enthusiasm, as I have celebrated it with joy and gratitude. This is the best time to set goals and wishes for the year.

As I celebrate the new year, questions pop into my mind, such as how to keep up with the momentum through the year and make these things possible and achievable.

This time, I have learned to be clear on what I want and not to focus on what I don't want. What do I want to acquire? What are my desires and hopes? What do I want to experience and learn? And what do I want to become?

Some of my goals were not attained because I was not clear about what I wanted, so I ended up losing the inspiration and hope and having it replaced with doubts when I saw it was impossiblethen came to the list of unaccomplished and unattainable goals.

This day marks the first week of 2012, and it was a good week to start the year. Doing physical activities like walking, jogging, and some exercises at the park was fun. I enjoy the revitalizing and invigorating effects.

I have done a 20-minute meditation daily for this first week of the year. It was an excellent opportunity to reflect on my wishes and goals for this year and enjoy the place's serenity and peaceful ambiance. It was a perfect place to meditate as I bear the tolerable coldness of the weather.

As I meditated, I closed my eyes and could hear nothing but birds chirping, the cold breeze of the wind, the people passing quietly along with my meditation space, and the shouts of the teens playing cricket at a far distance.

Those external sounds do not bother me anymore. At least, it did not make me more space out. The internal voice from within dominates the most. This sound is more precious, giving more time to reflect deeply while whispering sacred chants silently.



My beloved country of birth, I pray, will be spared by significant destruction, such as calamities that cause loss of lives and properties, and worst is living a life of post-traumatic depression and loss of self-worth.

Being a "Pacific Islander" would expect to have been visited by typhoons, and a country in a "Pacific Ring of Fire" would have numerous earthquakes. We have our share of devastating calamities that the world experiences. The reality is that we can not escape but can ease these tragedies' effects.

One of the good traits of being a Filipino is the "Bayanihan Spirit," a Filipino term that denotes a helping hand. Hoping that we will continue to be inspired to help people in any way possible.


Hoping that the country will be able to survive any recession or financial crisis that may hit the region or the world. Although the past administration has done it well, hoping that the present administration will be able to do their part for the betterment of the country and its people.

Hoping that more local and foreign investors will come to establish a business to generate more jobs for Filipinos. Jobs for every Filipino means food to feed their families and to alleviate hunger and poverty.


Hoping that peace will be attained. No conflicts... no terrorism... no wars. The past year seems full of outrage and a fight against their government that created global concern. It brought massive destruction to innocent civilians; loss of homes, properties, and lives.

Hoping that this world will be a safer place for people to live into be able to walk on the streets safely by day and night, to be able to commute on bus and train without the thoughts of the presence of any explosive substances inside; to be able to enjoy shopping at the mall without the idea of the bombing (as the case in the Philippines) and so on...

May poverty alleviation be strengthened by those in political power to end the world of hunger, famine, and suffering?

We live in a chaotic world of uncertainties and suffering, so we need more incarnations of Anna Hazare, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi. The selfless acts they have sacrificed for the welfare of humanity will be remembered and remain in our hearts eternally.


My personal goal for this year is not a short-term or long-term goal. What matters is clarity and attainability. I just wish for a balanced and successful life with a focus on my...

Health - to become more balanced in all fitness levelsphysical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Family - to become stronger despite the problems, better health, and attain more prosperity.

Career - to continue to be a representation of the "BE Life" slogan - "Live Your Greatest Life" and to be able to touch as many lives as possible along with the foundation's commitment to "Serving Humanity and the World."

Personal relationship -
harmonize with my family, colleagues, and friends.

Personal growth - to learn something new and valuable; gain new insights from seminars/workshops, training, and inspiring books.

Making a difference - to continue doing something good and inspiring others to do the same. I will participate actively in various activities that are intended for the benefit of a particular person or group.


I would challenge myself to push on its limit. Sometimes, it feels good to do extraordinary things like public speaking or conduct and speak for a seminar/workshop. It might be frightening, but the end result is more rewarding.

It is nice to achieve something impossible, but things become possible only until it is done. There are things to accomplish for this year if I focus on it and with the support of the people who believe in me.

In the long run, what is essential is not the outcome of the fulfillment of my goals and dreams but who I become in the process with the ultimate goal of living a better life.


My goal for this year may impact other people who share the same desires and idealism. As I write this goal list and commit to a bigger dream, I may soon come up with big ideas to make these things happen. I hope to attract the right people and opportunities to achieve my goal.


Ultimately success does not come overnight but involves small daily actions that accumulate in time towards realizing and achieving the most cherished dreams. I have to ask myself, "What should I do today that will help me towards the aspiration and achievement of my dreams?"—a question that needs daily answers and action.


We must live with a purpose and continue to discover and understand it. You have a sense, and I have mine too... so in the material world that we live in, where the outward symbol of success fades and eventually will be gone, it would be good to ponder on the realization of our highest service to give to God...our self...our family.. our country and the world at large.

A prosperous year ahead!

© 2012 Del Cusay