Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2022: Desire and Destiny

What's your ultimate desire that you want to get fulfilled? Is it wanting to be loved? Is it about maximizing your potential and performance? Is it about discovering your true self? Or is it about living your most extraordinary life?

Our deepest desires always come from our connection to our souls. Our soul's purpose makes us feel more alive, and we want to live what we're destined to be. To be who we are is when we ask the fundamentals of "Who am I?" and "What's my heart's desire?" 

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022, we also welcome the deepest desires of our hearts. We tend to be more loving and caring when we have an open heart. We become more compassionate and altruistic. We give even a little of what we have and share the abundance we've received.

That's the critical message for this year's welcome of the Year of the Tiger. It's not only about being fierce and strong like a tiger but also about the soft quality of being dependable and altruistic. 

As I celebrate the Chinese New Year each year, I spend some quiet time contemplating and reflecting on my soulful desires and destiny. How will I improve this year, and what will I become? These questions trigger some actions for the fulfillment of my aspirations.

In this year of the Water Tiger, everything might still be uncertain. But in this world of uncertainty, we can create our desired path and destined future. That's one thing we can be sure about. 

We create our world and live it with our rules and policy. We make a bigger world where we can set our intentions and fulfill our missions. We create our ultimate destiny and desire a living legacy. 

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