Monday, February 6, 2017

Pasinaya 2017: Arts for Peace

The preservation and restoration of the Philippine Arts and Culture have been a significant cause for Filipino artists and nationalists. Through the years, we have been slowly transformed into following a Western lifestyle where we have accepted and embraced the modern way of living. Our entertainment has become Westernized through contemporary music, dances, and other performances. We have somehow lost our cultural identity of being Filipino by heart.

The Pasinaya Festival 2017, the largest multi-arts festival, aims to regain our Filipino arts and culture in all genres. They have successfully attracted followers and viewers to this festival over the years.  Through this initiative, we recover the glory days of the past as experienced in our modern time. It brings a nostalgic feeling and an even past life regression to some extent. It's a vivid imagination of the refined and beautiful days of the past.

This year's theme is about bringing peace through arts and culture. When we have national peace issues due to political and cultural divisions and beliefs, we Filipinos are pulling the strings that connect us as one nation. Our dear brothers, who may have different philosophical and political views, may have caused damage to our cultural identity as they may not have helped our government preserve culture and arts. We have been divided through the years and struggle to fight for a peaceful nation of firm yet gentle people. This year's theme, "Arts for Peace, " symbolizes unity through diversity. We may have different voices, various faith, and religion, yet we can become one nation through arts and culture. Filipino artists and viewers from around the country and worldwide convene together to witness and celebrate our national identity. That we are Filipino, and we are proud to say that I Am Filipino in words, deeds, and thoughts.

The Pasinaya 2013 was a previous experience where Filipino-Chinese culture was embraced. We can live in harmony and camaraderie by sharing our culture, no matter how different. We can appreciate and embrace it as part of our culture and tradition. This year 2017, is no different from previous Pasinaya events. The message is always clear that we can not move forward if we fail to deeply understand our national identity through arts, culture, and heritage.

I advocate for our country's arts, Culture, and heritage preservation, and we deserve a national identity that is truly Filipino. Remember our culture and heritage as we work together for peace and progress. This will be passed on to the next generation of heroic Filipinos. The future generation is braver and more decisive. A citizen who will continue to raise the voice to the world that we are One Filipino-- today and forever.

© 2017 Del Cusay