Sunday, September 27, 2020

Serenity at the Nan Lian Garden

I find serenity wherever I go. In a hustle and bustle of city life, there's still a piece of pure calmness and soulful paradise. 

A pond... A rock formation... A waterfall... All that can be found in an oasis of pure joy; a magnificent city garden.

A bustling megacity like Hong Kong isn't just about a magnificent and stunning skyline. It also boasts some of the most beautiful and refined traditional Chinese landscaped gardens.

The entrance of Nan Lian Garden

In the busy area of Diamond hill in Kowloon, Hong Kong is where I've found a peaceful ambiance of an ancient Tang dynasty style complex; the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden.

That's a refined piece of ancient Chinese architecture brought back to life in Modern-day Hong Kong, with towering residential skyscrapers and a mountain range in a backdrop. 

Nan Lian Gardens' Wooden Gate

An entrance to the complex makes you feel welcomed with the garden's natural elements of lush greenery, ornamental rocks, and a wooden gate. That's a blissful and truly welcoming sight to behold.

Passing through the wooden gate leads you to one of the wonderful attractions which is the golden pagoda with an attached red-wooden bridge. Colors that bring good luck and prosperity according to Chinese beliefs.

The Golden Pavilion/Pagoda

Few steps away from the Golden pagoda are the Chi Lin Nunnery which is a Buddhist temple, converted into a school, a library, and a home for the elderly.

The Chi Lin Nunnery is an impressive Chinese architecture with a surrounding koi-filled pond. The wooden structure is truly a work of art back during old civilization times (618 AD to 907 AD), revived in the modern times.

The Chi Lin Nunnery

To have a better understanding of ancient Chinese architecture, I had a solemn moment inside the Chinese Timber Architecture Gallery. It's a place to discover the different Chinese architecture in different cities of China, in a different period of time.

The Nan Lian Garden is a Tang Dynasty-inspired garden built in modern times. It's reminiscent of old but refined Chinese architecture with a balance element of nature.

The Chi Lin Nunnery

The garden's tranquil ambiance offers a great sense of peace and rejuvenation to any visitor. It's not just a typical Chinese garden, but it's filled with learning about the Chinese way of living back in the old days -- the earliest civilization.

Heritage and culture must really be preserved for the world to see and experience. The Nan Lian Garden is not a typical attraction, it has an old soul Chinese ambiance in a modern setting -- teleported back in time.

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