Sunday, January 3, 2021

New Year 2021: A New Hope


The year 2020 brought a lot of pains and sufferings in our lives. It seems like the darkest era of our times. Something unexpected, but we've learned to accept and embrace.

If this is the preview of a new decade 20s, then we could be able to predict the future; that uncertainty is now part of our daily living. 

Things change instantaneously. It's like a blink of an eye and our fate can be changed.

The year 2020 perhaps was the saddest and unimaginable moments we've experienced. It ruined our hopes and dreams; and redirected our compass in a crossroads.

That was the end of year 2020. Finally, we've all welcomed the new year 2021 with our greatest hopes ever. That after the long agony, we can blur the sad memories from the deepest of our consciousness.

A new world

Whatever earth changes we've been experiencing, one thing I'm certain is that, this is part of the Divine plan. We're not in control, hence we let things happen and make things happen on our personal human capacity.

If the world has to change this way, then there's a greater force that can move us and direct our path -- either to follow and have faith, or to step back and have doubts.

So, in this new world order, some would be victims of a sad reality, while others would be a victorious survivor.

New opportunities

We've seen people whom have lost a living; have missed some chances and opportunities for the past year.

Some may have struggled a lot in business, career and life. It had caused us fears, frustrations and anger. It made us express all kinds of emotions. It had caused inconvenience and a downgrade on the quality of living at some point.

The year 2021 is about new opportunities that awaits us. The missed one is just a moment of pause; to stop for awhile; to recalibrate and be ready to stand up again.

This year 2021 is about an opportunity to be together as family once again. To be reunited and to recall how we've started it all.

When we're somewhat lost, our family would always be there to guide and light our path. They're there when we're knocked down and to cheer us on our way up.

Opportunities doesn't only knock once. We see opportunities everywhere. And if there seems none, then we create it ourselves and we even create opportunities to others.

A new dream

Yes, we've awaken on a deep slumber. It was somehow a nightmare! 

This year, we're hoping for a better night sleep. We're hoping for a better dream. And so upon waking up, we'll turn that dream into a reality.

And when we dream, we extend it to the special people in our lives; to our family. They are the source of our inspirations, our happiness and a reason of living. Family is love, and family is forever. That's one thing I know for sure.

A night dream or a day dream, it's both a pleasant experience of hoping for brighter days ahead. 

A new hope

We're hopeful, that no matter how life seems uncertain, still we believe that something good will happen.

Our hope will always be renewed, to make us believe that miracles do happen in everyday; from the time we wake up, until the time we go to sleep. 

A new hope is there to give us the energy required to live actively. A new hope gives us many chances to try again and never to give up, but to keep on hoping when things seems to be falling.

This year 2021 is about hope in all aspects of living. We hope for the best things to happen. We hope for the best wishes to come, and we hope for the best life ahead.

 ©️ 2021 Del Cusay 

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