Monday, October 28, 2013

Incredible India: My Life's Greatest Challenge

"It is not the applause nor the pat on the back that inspires me the most, but it is the simple appreciation that makes me feel special and valued. When the time is up, the next question would be what comes next? What is there waiting for me?... and it goes on..."

It's been 8 months already since I arrived in Delhi and it's a great experience to live independently while doing the work that I love. There are days that excites me and some days that I need to calm down my senses. Those days when I traveled a long distance and enjoying the moment while on a holiday; those days when I traveled long distance to do my duties and responsibilities.

My second trip back to India is challenging for me; this time I have to do my best even on a solitary journey. I rushed and slipped... I ran and fell... I moved on and got stuck. However, it was still a challenge despite the obstacles I have gone through. I never stopped, but I learned to move forward and realize that things aren't easy along the way of reaching the goals. 

In my travels, I have gained lots of stories and insights that are memorable. Sometimes, it's not the place that  puts a smile on my face, but it's the people that captivates my spirit.  I have learned to discover the beauty in every person I have interacted and also from their inspiring stories that can be a source of wisdom.   

It is nice to have known some friends that are kind and cheerful. It is through their helpful gestures that makes my stay in India truly wonderful. A heartwarming welcome from people is something I will cherish. They have shown great hospitality like no other in the world and that has made a lasting impression. 

I have met people from different places where I have served. Young and old, the fortunate and underprivileged, the yogis and meditators and if still recognized, perhaps the Brahmins as well as the Sudras. They have made an impact in my life in quest for understanding the nature of humanity and the world we live in.

Indian society couldn't be much favorable to some, but upon my observation it could be a better place to live in and start making good influence to others. A country that is truly diverse in many ways; the people, the culture and the tradition. It is here where I have experienced the chaos in the city and where different major religions exists without much prejudice and conflict. 

For the past 8 months, I have seen the many faces of India and its diverse culture. From the freezing cold mountains of Dharamsala in the north and the humid climate of Kolkata in the east. The industrial city of Ludhiana in Punjab and the Magical pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Different places with unique identity, yet shares common language of smile and hospitality. 

What makes life challenging in India is to reach out people and offer something for their own benefit. When the clock starts to wake me up in the dawn, it is a non-stop action towards the destination. It is the people that makes you move and it is their spirituality that touches your soul. I talk and they listen... they discuss and I get more wisdom. It is the reciprocity of events that makes learning interesting.

When the spotlight is on and everyone is watching, nothing could be more brighter when you see the smiles, hearing the laughter, feeling the positive emotions, and sensing the good energy of the people. I feel special...I feel blessed. 

It is not the applause nor the pat on the back that inspires me the most, but it is the simple appreciation that makes me feel special and valued. When the time is up, the next question would be what comes next? What is there waiting for me?... and it goes on...

When life gets tough, it reminds me of the things I have achieved. Never to return...never to surrender...never to quit.  Life is passing all the challenges and reaping the rewards thereafter. It's a game of life; you win some, you lose some. In the end, the battle remains and the journey continues. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oprah's Lifeclass: What Is Keeping You from Being a Star in Your Own Life

Oprah and Dr. Phil have shared insights on one of the most challenging questions... How to be the star of your own life? 

Whether we want to take full responsibility of our lives in terms of relationships, career and goals; then we can achieve what it is to feel like being a star that we are meant to be. 

Here are some of my answers to this challenging questions on this episode...

1.  Think about the choices you can make to create a positive outcome. What is it you're doing that's working?

Recently, it has been easier for me to attract people and circumstances in my life. These are the images on my mind that turns out to become a reality. Definitely, I believe that you get things as desired if you put your mind and attention on it. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Special: Leading The Way

How do you define a Father? What can you say about your Father? How did your Father raise you? These are some of the questions that we can find answers on how we truly know our Father as we celebrate and honor on their most special day of remembering.

In our lives, our Father is playing a significant role in molding us to become a better person. Since childhood, when we've started to develop our awareness about life, he would have guided us with principles through stories that we tend to laugh but still struggling to understand the the lesson of the story. We shared smiles and laughter that made us feel good.

A Father would always find means to support the 'needs' of their children and protect their security and sense of comfort; the reason why we are feeling confident in his presence. Even 'wants' are granted to make us happy and enjoy our childhood.

Fatherhood is perhaps the toughest job of all. It would take a lot of perseverance and patience to give it all to the family he loves. He is the provider, the defender, the protector and sometimes makes all your wishes come true.

What I could remember from my Father are the valuable lessons about life. To give service to other people in need without expecting something in return. It is true that life is about service to others after finding our purpose. We find out where we are good at and then make the best things possible. 

Reverence is also one of the teachings that makes an impact and very significant in living a just life. To honor and recognize the elderly and people in authority brings fulfillment through the wisdom that they can share and the virtues we can emulate. We can't stand alone and we need people to guide us along the way towards our path. We need teachers, mentors and leaders to motivate us and to push us to do well and achieve our target.

I have learned the importance of having the 'fighting spirit' or the so-called will-power to get things done and to achieve almost everything that I desire. When life seem to be difficult, it would take a lot of courage and determination to rise up and face the unknown; of what lies ahead. It is right that there are times we are so obsessed of the future that we tend to forget how to live at the present moment, hence we missed a lot of good things along the way. I have learned to live the moment of 'now' instead of 'soon' which may or may not happen. Just hold on into the mind the 'goal' and invisible forces would take you there at the right time. The power of  'now' is very important to me that I do not regret every single moment of happy events that happens in my life.

It is such a great responsibility for a father to look after the welfare of the family and I am grateful that the sense of responsibility is strong despite of unfortunate circumstances. He is there to give the advice and support to whatever problems that are in need of solution.

On this day, we give honor to our Father for who they are and what we are now because of him. The wisdom gained will guide us to become the best that we could be and to live a life on our own when the time is up to say 'I have guided you and now is the time that you lead your way'.

© 2013 Del Cusay