Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Day to Remember

To celebrate another year of life is one of the most pleasant memories that we can cherish. It is when we show our gratitude for all the blessings we received and looking forward for another year full of challenges and surprises. We may continue to be challenged along the way and be surprised of something unimaginable --when  dreams and desires do come true.

As we journey onward, we give happiness to those who are dear to us. Happiness that leaves an imprint on their hearts and minds. Those things that they haven't thought of would come true. A surprise that would uplift joyful spirit out of the blue. 

The days when we have planned for a surprise to someone so special was so exciting. Our mother is about to celebrate her 63rd birthday, and she deserves some treat. What special surprise could we give that is truly memorable? Aha! a trip abroad! a wonderful surprise. My parents have never been out of the country yet and it would have been their first time to set foot in a not so distant place in the east.

 It was on September 23, 2016 when we're about to go to Palawan. Voted as the most beautiful island in the world for 2015 and 2016. I am also excited to visit that magnificent island as they say but then, we're really bound for Hongkong. And that's the surprise. Though it was a funny story at the airport, with such clueless faces on their real destination, finally it was revealed that they are bound to travel abroad. 

The excitement is real and when we set foot at the Hongkong airport, we're all eager to explore wonderful places. Though we siblings have been to Hongkong before, we couldn't wait to show places to our parents. A bit lost at some point, walking along the promenade in Tsim Shan Tsui was fantastic. Spending sometime overlooking the Hongkong islands' famous skyscraper is wonderful. As one of the best place to see and experience, truly the victoria harbour is impressive. A romantic feel in the east. Though a bit tired  of walking, crossing the island of Kowloon to Hongkong aboard star ferry offers magnificent view of the harbour and the skyline and it awakens the senses. The skyline is one of the world's best and it's just in the east blending with west. 

The day came, September 24, was a special day for my mother and spending it at the happiest place on earth is truly magical experience. We enjoyed so much with all scenes. The festival of lion king is such a feast to senses showing just like a broadway show, the 4D theater experience, the jungle of tarzan and the disney in the stars as the highlight. 

The third day was still full of energy. The picture perfect ocean park giving a breathtaking view of the island and the sea is memorable. A roller coaster ride gave an adrenaline rush that would never be repeated again. I did it, but so scary. The entire resort was a good place to appreciate the animal kingdom and their habitat and it's about time to protect their kingdom and class before their gone. Before the sun set, we're able to meet "kababayans" or townmate and hear their stories. I know how it feels to be homesick since I have experience to be away for some time in the past, so a loud laugh would help to release some form of sadness. 

On the fourth day, we're all excited on our next destination. Heading to Macau: once a Portuguese colony in the east. Another memories that would uplift our spirits and looking forward for a memorable stay in a glittering city of light. 

That was a great journey in Hongkong and this story will remain in our hearts. We still have many places to explore. It a small world and we all deserve to be happy once in a while. And a little surprise could change our perspective and the way we the world we live in. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life's Like That

A Diverted Road

 by:  Del Cusay

Looking through the road of  uncertainty
the narrow, the wide and the crossroads may be
With the speed of the roaring force, go on... break free
Light up the force and shield as it must be

Along the way causes too much exhaustion
 dealing with nuisance in thoughts and actions.
 Recalling the vast potentials in any capacity, 
the greatness of soul manifested in a physical body. 
Letting go of weaknesses, leaving us free

In the dark clouds hiding the strength 
removing the cloudiness the target to set 
waiting for the sun rise hoping for tomorrow's best
Bring out the light, wondrous life begets 

Regaining the lost gem, braver... bolder
Wake up, see the light and re-imagine the old ways
The smiles, happiness... the bliss
Turn around, bring it out.. for better days shouldn't be missed

Sunday, June 12, 2016

118th Philippine Independence Day: I Am a Filipino

Once popularly known as the "Pearl of the Orient Seas," the Philippines may have reached the summit of success in terms of political and economic growth and prosperity before it celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence in 1998. However, it took several successions of brilliant and brave leaders that made the Philippines to be at the political map and enjoyed being the center of attention not only in Asia but the whole world.

I always admire the greatest heroes the Philippines has ever produced. Rizal, considered as one of the greatest man of the Malayan race has touched the minds and souls of  the Filipinos and other foreign nationalities through his works and writings that are bold and extraordinary.

As a kid, I've been keen about Rizal as a hero and on my higher level of study I've deeply understood his life and his sacrifices for the common good of the Filipino people. During the time when the Philippines is under the rule of Spanish authorities, we have been suppressed of our freedom; to express and to defend our rights as a Filipino People. However, learning about his personality makes me emulate his ways; becoming keen observant and inquisitive about the current events that's taking place in our political, economic and social atmosphere. During Rizal's time when liberty has been invaded to keep in silence and follow the mighty tyrants; actions to defend the sovereignty failed numerous times; people fighting for freedom died with thorns in their hearts.

What could be the result of the massive war against giant oppressors versus the sharp bolos, stained rifles and the power of writing of our heroes? Could literary works of our geniuses made a significant impact to our freedom?

Today after hundred years of Philippine independence - 118th to be exact, we are looking back to the sacrifices fought by our heroes. We pay tribute to their greatness and valor as they died for the country without them having glimpse of the real freedom they have aspired. Rizal's teachings has been part of educational curriculum for young Filipinos to imbibe his greatness and turn weaknesses into strength. We now have the freedom of expression and no one could take it away from us; this is the result of the battle our heroes have fought centuries back

Now we have been invaded by a colonial mentality where we almost copy and adopt technological advances; communications have improved and delivers instantly and real time and anyone is free to express their thoughts and views about political affairs with conviction. These changes are exactly opposite to what heroes from the past have experienced just to express their thoughts and criticism against leaders and the government.

Today, 12th day of June 2016 is another year of celebrating success achieved by the Filipinos. We are now reaping what our heroes have sown. We might constantly encounter challenges and never-ending problems, but we have proven our resilience. We continue to fight the battle and show inherent traits of bravery and valor inherited from valiant heroes. Our heroes of today may not exhibit boldness and strong sense of nationalism, however our national heroes have done enough and now we are living in a nation that was built with blood and tears. What could be their thoughts and emotions if they have also experience what we are enjoying at the present time?

Now that I have grown up as an adult, I will continue to fight for freedom and have full expression of my views and insights to protect and uphold our rights. We have a long way to go and we are still living in an uncertain world where others show signs of personal advances and taking away our absolute freedom. I am a Filipino, born of the Malayan race and I will show patriotism, kindness and heroic deeds if necessary. I am a Filipino, I will show greatness in my work; delivering excellence and prestige. I am a Filipino, I will show dedication and loyalty to our country and be part of nation-building. I am a Filipino and I will do my best in words, in deeds and thoughts.

© 2016 Del Cusay

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