Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Moment of Solitude

You need some time to be alone. That's an addition to our basic physiologic needs. A time where you can be yourself and know thyself better and in a deeper way.

I have always been enjoying a moment of solitude since I have discovered its healing powers. Nature does healing wonders for those who walk alone and seek for life and truth. There are moments of self-discovery of who we are and what we are capable of doing  our purpose of living.

With the sound of silence, we go through the deafening stage until we get used to it. There is miracle in silence and being in a state of solitude can we hear out loud our voice from deep within. We are quiet and in stillness. We listen and respond to our being. That's a fundamental truth of our soulful desires of being.

There's always great things about having some moment of solitude. Our 'me time' reminds us that we need to heal ourselves as we get back to the present reality of dealing with most important people in our lives. That's what really matters. 

For many years I have been living in solitude. Although not entirely, but I find meaning in silence just being alone. And when I share my precious moment with people, that's where I glow and show what is hidden in me. A soulful time spent to connect, to express, be heard and be understood.

Each day as we wake up we have our personal moment of reflection. We listen to our inner voice and to the Divine's voice. We get back to our goals of what are we supposed to achieve. Our dreams... Ambitions.. Wishful desires.

In our busy day and for those living in bigger cities and dealing with so much noise and distractions, there is time to walk away and experience real solitude. Some would live in the countryside which is more relaxed. Others would have a weekend getaway on the mountains and the beach to contemplate. A homecoming holiday vacation even once a year. Such thing contributes to a soulful healing. 

A moment of solitude is what we all need to keep us alive and always living in the present. It improves our ability to focus and increases our awareness and consciousness. And from that moment of solitude, we are able to stand still and walk straight knowing who we are and our self-worth.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2020: Love, Peace and Harmony

Tikoy (Nián gāo) and Ang pao (Hóngbāo) is a popular Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity. In the Philippines and among the Chinese-Filipino community, these two are a must-have during special holidays like the Lunar Chinese New Year and other special occasions. 

Ang pao or the red envelope evolved into an all-season object for gift-giving. It is not just given during the Chinese New Year, but also during occasions like birthday and wedding. In the Philippines, we have adopted the giving of Ang pao during Christmas season and other occasions. 

I always like special delicacies and so I also like eating Tikoy which signifies harmony and closeness among the family. It is also the stickiness that symbolizes bonding and togetherness. 

In Binondo, the past couple of years was an auspicious celebration as I have experienced the vibrant and enchanting Chinese New Year celebration. The streets of Binondo offers the best in Chinese culture and tradition that is passed on from generations to generations. 

I remember the kilometer-long street of Ongpin in Binondo when the fun-filled activities happen during the Chinese New Year. The lion and the dragon dance are always colorful and graceful giving positive energy among the watchers. The firecrackers ward off evil spirits and all forms of negativity as they would believe. It's fun and the good vibe would bring in positive mindset and emotion; and that's the essence. 

The Chinese influences my beliefs about prosperity and so I follow the feng shui and the Chinese zodiac in some ways. They are just guide for a positive living. 

The past years are live action experience and the stories will not be forgotten.

Those were the years of celebrating abundance and prosperity. And so for this year and in succeeding years, I may not be able to celebrate it Binondo, but I will still be open to embrace the culture and tradition that gives meaning to life in different perspective.

But above all for this year it's not just about prosperity, it's about love, peace and harmony that must reign in our hearts. That's what we all need at this very moment.

© 2020 Del Cusay

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Journey of Love

Staring at the first full moon of 2020 was a great homecoming welcome after a long distance travel.

Meeting of families, sharing love stories, a sumptuous meal, wonderful conversations and heartfelt dedications. That was a fantastic and romantic day. A day of smiles, laughter and tears. A memory that will last for a lifetime.

Lying in bed at night, I was amazed by the moons' greater illumination at the balcony as seen through the glass door. I rushed to get up and see the fullmoon shining so bright. A Romantic scene of saying, "I love you to the moon and back."
That was a great day and a fantastic night to remember.

Then comes Soulful Sunday, a moment of breathing in and out at the sea. Watching the gentle waves, looking at the horizon and enjoying the moment of soulful conversation.

A great journey ahead starts with a grateful heart. We are blessed with the people in our lives who are there to be with us and to counsel us.

As we move on to the next level, the journey of love will grow and will be strengthened by faith. Just like the great illumination of the moon, it will shine brighter and fuller.

Until the next time we will continue the shining moment and the journey of love always living at the present moment. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

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