Sunday, January 18, 2015

His Holiness Pope Francis: Mercy and Compassion to The Filipino People

Nearly two years ago, the highest spiritual leader of the Catholic church was declared in the name of "Pope Francis: The New World Pontiff" from Buenos Aires. I admire his qualities as a leader, and I believe that Christ is with him in the new role that he is taking. 

The pope shows love and compassion to everyone regardless of profile, race, and creed. He exudes charisma and attracts people with his gentleness and humility. These qualities make him adorable and capable of leading his global followers in the name of Christ.

Pope Francis is concerned for humanity, especially current events like wars, terrorism, and political and religious differences. However, he is also concerned about poverty in the spirit of the people, where there is a lack of love, care, and attention. He cares for the poor, the homeless, the abandoned,  and the orphan who lack spiritual enlightenment.

The world is currently experiencing a lot of chaos and obstacles from natural and man-made calamities and disasters. Millions of people have become victims of this untoward catastrophe that can be considered an act of God.

The Philippines is not spared from the destruction since we now suffer from the effects of climate change leading to stronger typhoons that hit our country. Although we suffer from these deadly earth changes, we have shown the world "The Resilience of the Filipino Spirit: A Year After Typhoon Yolanda.". Perhaps the most destructive and emotional occurrence in our Philippine history is when we lost thousands of individuals and hundreds of families and left many injured and in deep sorrow and solitude.

The Filipinos are blessed by the visit of Pope Francis to the country. He shows mercy and compassion to those who are victims of calamities. He showed concern and comforted the poor families who almost lost faith and the will to live. He cared for the abandoned children. He cared for sick people. He expressed attention and love to all.

It was an opportunity and a blessing to have celebrated the mass with His Holiness Pope Francis at the Manila Cathedral on January 16. It was the first mass he observed in the country, and he was greeted by thousands of pilgrims. It was a great feeling to hear live from the Pope, and I will forever cherish the moment when I endured the pain with other pilgrims to witness and receive blessings from God.

At the Manila Cathedral

There's wisdom in every message Pope Francis has shared with the people. In his mass at Tacloban, he asked the people to pray for him and to be quiet. Such a straightforward message, yet it has a deeper meaning. He needs prayer that he may be able to reach out to more people and share the Gospel of Christ, to share Christian values and virtues, and to lead and guide people in their spiritual path. These are some realizations when we are in silence, contemplate and reflect on ourselves, and constantly renew ourselves for the better.

In his message to the University of Santo Tomas youth, the Pope shared the three languages; the mind, heart, and hands. When we use our intellect, conscience, and right actions, we are truly Christian. He also reminded the youth not to bury their God-given talents and not be afraid to dream of great things.

In his concluding mass at Quirino Grandstand, Pope Francis celebrated it with the faithful and the millions of pilgrims from different places in the Philippines and the world. He brought light among his people. When it is cloudy, he brings the sunshine. His smile brought hope and confidence to everyone. He got the message of Christ to be instilled in the minds and hearts of the people.

It is truly a fantastic moment to receive the blessings of the Holy Father. He will forever be in our hearts, and the Filipino people will pray for him. Like the holy child, we will follow God's message of love, as evident by what His Holiness has shown us. Christ is with us, and we will carry the light to spread to the world today and in eternal life.

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