Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday Thanksgiving: Graceful Spiritual Service to the People

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Sitio Lomboy, Linambasan, Jamindan, Capiz

When called upon by God, one has to act on it. Our Divine calling is our mission to accomplish on Earth. Our purpose is to serve for the Glory of God, our creator, and to be of service to our brothers and sisters in Christhis beloved son. This is a fundamental church teaching, and we as a family should walk through the path of Divine love and light.

I was born and raised as a Christian and have developed a Christ-centered consciousness. I grew up and instilled Christian values and virtues through the church and formal education. Even now, I still recall the teachings and beautiful memories the Christian faith taught me. Back then, my mother encouraged us to celebrate Sunday mass as a kid. That would have raised consciousness about the importance of religion and actively being involved in activities initiated by the church. 

I didn't grow up to be very religious or a devoted Christian. In fact, I have learned to witness and observe other religions and emulate their ways their faith and action. It wasn't bad after all! I have learned to accept other faith and respect them as human beings rather than hate them for having a different creed. 

I was born and baptized as a Roman Catholic, but I have also been exposed to other Christian faith, The Baptist, Born Again, Aglipay Church, and Jehova's Witnesses. I have learned to embrace them, even for a short period. In my travels abroad, I have also been exposed to different religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Bahai Faith; however, it didn't affect my faith. I didn't question my Catholic beliefs, but it has strengthened my confidence even more. 

God will touch our spirit either for renewal or for greater service. There will always be somebody who will lead the way and start it all. Somebody who had been touched by the Holy Spirit— a Priest, a Catholic devotee, a religious community. At some time in our lives, we have been called to act on our faith and become like Peter when he said, "Upon this rock, I will build my church," That is the beginning of a community founded by Christ. 

Archdiocese of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sitio Lomboy, Barangay Linambasan, is the church founded by the faithful. They have come together to build a church they will call their spiritual home, a Divine sanctuary. It was in July 2012 when the first mass was celebrated, with Reverent Father John Denosta as the first-ever priest assigned to lead the church. It started as a mission station until it was declared an Archdiocese in January 2018. 

It was 6 six years of solidarity, compassion, and service to the people, and this legacy will last a lifetime. Generations will come, and the church will become more vital than ever. Every year we see a significant change and the faithful building a more beautiful church that reflects their Divinity.

Good Friday procession in 2015

Our Divine Mother of Christ would hear us and pray for our intentions. In times of crisis, we call upon the Divine, and through the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, her children will be comforted in peace and hope. For about 6 years, the church has become a haven for everyone seeking renewal, a peaceful sanctuary, and a place to feel deeply involved in a spiritual community. 

The faithful must continue spreading the good news and will continue serving with all their love and energy. The church is for everyone, and this gift from God will shower blessings on those who believe, share, and serve. May the Divine love and light be our source of salvation and guide us to living an eternal life forever and ever.

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