Sunday, January 16, 2022

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish: Heaven on Earth

It feels good to have celebrated the holidays of 2021 together with my family in my hometown. It was a meaningful year-end for the fulfillment of hopes and dreams. We've also welcomed the new year, 2022, with optimistic hopes and affirmations for a great year ahead.

Another year of aspirations as we face more challenging days of the pandemic. We've survived 2021, and this year, 2022, brings another uncertainty into our lives.

I feel blessed to have celebrated the first Sunday mass of 2022 with my parents at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in my hometown in Jamindan. It's been two years since my last visit during the pandemic. It's still the same feeling except for restrictions like physical distancing and wearing face masks. The previous year's pre-pandemic was more intimate when we could meet to hug and kiss each other. But now, we see each other and look at their faces. 

In the absence of Rev. Father Jeffrey Estrella, our new Parish administrator is Father Patrick Jay Parce, who actively calls on the Parishioners to be more faithful and continue to fulfill their religious obligations. As a parishioner, we can contribute to helping build a better Parish for everyone. It may take years to create a more stable and refined church. Still, with a commitment to the parishioners' spiritual service, we can experience a "Heaven on Earth" and live a beautiful and meaningful life. 

On January 13, 2022, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Jamindan celebrated its 4th anniversary as a Parish in 2018. It's about four years of religious service to the community and alignment with the Divine power, love, and light. The newly built Parish continues to draw flocks of believers and Parishioners as a testament to Mother Mary's intercession to our prayers and petitions.

Yes, heaven is a place on earth. We may feel small daily but we can do great things with God's grace. A miracle is waiting to happen, and it is already happening if we see and feel it. God's love creates benefits in our lives, and we must recognize the blessings poured upon us. God is good and always present in our lives. A heaven-on-earth experience happens when we call his name, sing a song of praise, and kneel to pray.

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