Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Our Hearts: A Wonderful Beginning

I have loved to celebrate Christmas with my family since childhood. Christmas would mean so many things to me when I was a kid, full of beautiful imaginations, like believing in Santa Claus and the gift to be received from him. As a kid, I had a meaningful experience during this season. For me, this is the season to gather as a family, having a meal together on Christmas eve or Noche Buena. Full of surprises like games, food, gifts, and others.

Through the years, things have changed rapidly. Beliefs in Santa Claus have changed; consecutive years celebrating Christmas not being together as a complete family, not many gifts received and given, and no games, no parties, and just enough food for Noche Buena (Christmas eve).

Every Christmas celebration is unique. We had several Christmas parties at school, parties with friends, and an exclusive celebration with the family.

Although the Christmas season has uniqueness and extravagance, I have always remembered the real essence of celebrating Christmas. To give, to share, to love one another—virtues that were instilled in my mind.

Celebrating Christmas is beyond values and virtues. More than the party, the gifts, and the food is the time to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we have attended mass on Christmas eve to commemorate His birth and to pray for blessings and abundance.

Moreover, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to reunite with loved ones, heal broken hearts, and forgive. This is in preparation to open our hearts to receiving many more incredible blessings for the coming of a new year. A more fulfilled life comes after an open heart— a giving and loving heart. Likewise, success is short-lived and never measured by how many material things we possess.

A fulfilled person is more than being happy. It can be measured as to how you're living your life. How many people have you helped and transformed their lives? What sacrifices have you made for the benefit of the many?— these are some spiritual practices of a fulfilled individual with Christ-like virtues.

This Christmas, although I will not be able to celebrate it with my family, I still feel connected with them. I don't have to feel lonely in a foreign land, knowing they live a good, content life with a sense of fulfillment.

I may be far away, but the spirit of Christmas is still there. There is no reason to be homesick or sad, but there is always a reason to smile and celebrate with people closer and dear to us.

This Christmas, above all and from a deeper perspective, is about Jesus Christ. Hence, we must remember how to share indiscriminately, give heartily and love unconditionally.

Christmas, as celebrated all over the world, would remind us to live with our responsibility beyond what we call being Christian, and the virtues it has taught us should be practiced the whole year round, and that Christmas, regardless of race, creed, and religion, or spiritual affiliation will always be in our hearts forever.

© 2011 Del Cusay