Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Special: Compassionate Care

Whenever I look back and reflect on my younger days, it always brings back wonderful memories of the kind of parenthood that my mother showed. Being the youngest in the family brought an extra level of attention and care perhaps due to vulnerability and immaturity. I felt the love and care of my mother who was there to look after all my needs and would protect me from harm and danger.

Though there were times that I would feel grown-up already and doesn't need much help from her, I still long for her presence whenever I felt lost and misguided. I thought growing up increased dependence, however, I can't help but rely on strength when I couldn't even take care of myself when I was sick. My mother was there from sickness until regaining strength and back to wellness again.

Growing up is never easy without the role played by mothers. Although it's a right to be taken care of, the kind of love one gets from a mother is always a privilege. As a grown-up adult, I've seen different kinds of parenting from elite families to the underprivileged. Immersing myself in the kind of living of the upper-class families gave me a different perspective in life where others are greatly suffering. Some families are living in extreme luxury while others are sleeping on the streets defying all the security and safety threats and uncomfortable conditions. Although it is an eyesore to many passersby, it is the kind of suffering that I deeply reflect. Why do people like them suffer in extreme poverty? Why do mothers can't give an extra level of care and love to their kids? Why do parents allow their kids to go and run naked on the street? A lot of questions about suffering and how they can help themselves let go of suffering. 

In a deeper reflection about suffering, I've realized that it's a natural occurrence at any moment of our lives. Some have lived in poverty when they started, but eventually have escaped from it and now living their greatest life in abundance and balanced living. People who are lost and helpless will continue to suffer in their life when they haven't learned a lesson from past life until the present time and the cycle goes on. Some people are enjoying a life they deserved based on the amount of energy they possess and the perseverance to live a resilient life -- an indispensable trait. 

When people start to give up on us, we remain to be resilient; when we are losing faith in our self, we also remain to be resilient. It is when we are unshakable that we learn to fight the struggles and leave all the miseries behind. When we were young and can't fight for ourselves, then our mother is there on a rescue to stand up for us and become our voice when we can't speak for ourselves. A mother's unconditional love is always felt and an inherent nature to always look after our well-being. 

From birth to adulthood and when we are separated by great distance, there's always a feeling of mutual connection. A mother's compassionate care is felt miles away and it gives a feeling of greater love. At any moment in our lifetime, we celebrate this loving connection in a way of giving a special treat; a way of making her feeling loved and cared for in return. When we can't express it through words, we can always give it through actions and the bonding becomes much stronger than ever. A mother guides us all the way out and will always be with us in our minds and heart -- Mother's Day: A Celebration of Love makes us fully alive because of a different level of love we receive and the compassionate nature that we have learned to give it out to others who may need it most. 

The greatest give from our mother is to be loving and compassionate and we extend this to other people in our lives. When others lose faith in humanity, we learn to understand and give ourselves a chance to serve and to give unconditionally just like what our mothers are showing to us. No distance can separate us no matter where we are and we learn to give back in any way that they will be more inspired to live the better life they truly deserve. A mother's compassionate care will always persevere and her undying will always be forever in our hearts.