Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Windows' Wind Blows

Waking up early morning staring at the window. That's a great feeling when witnessing the timelapse from dawn to sunrise! The purple skies at dawn and the silhouette of the trees are a soulful morning greeting an experience worth living.

In my hometown, the second half of February is the coolest day to remember. The cool wind and the foggy morning are perfect for a cup of hot coffee.

A rainy day is a perfect time to hibernate and spend some pure thinking over a cup of hot beverage. It's all coffee... coffee and unlimited coffee!

So many thoughts coming in, just like the non-stop pouring of the rain. And when it's time to contemplate, it has to be the finest frequency of tuning in. Only the best frequency for healing the body, mind, and soul.

What makes us feel heavy at times is when we tune in to so many frequencies simultaneously. Whenever our thoughts are in the past, it gives us certain anxiety about whether we did our best. When we tune in to the future, it worries us about what lies ahead. And then, we forget to live in the present moment.

As I stared out the window, I could tell the taste of my coffee, hear the birds chirping, and feel the gentle wind blowing. That's how I tune in to the present, and it's just a wonderful thing.

While tuning in at present, I couldn't let it pass to tune in to one of the finest frequencies of the recent past. A heavenly frequency of a great climb to remember.

That's a selective tuning-in for a Soulful Sunday moment. It brings back not just pleasant memories but also relives heartfelt moments.

The wind blows of February will be missed. The foggy mornings will soon be over, and the rainy days will quickly end. But the memories will stay forever and be tuned in to be an excellent frequency for all seasons. 

The next time I stare out the window, it will never be the same again until the same season comes again. But I have learned to tune in to a healing frequency even when it is raining and when the sun is not shining.

© 2020 Del Cusay