Sunday, November 15, 2020

Bollywood and Mehandi Night in New Delhi

An Indian wedding would last for three days. That's a very long celebration, and yes! It could also be expensive if too grandiose.

In New Delhi, I received an invitation to attend the Mehandi night, which is like a pre-wedding celebration a day before the main wedding ceremony.

The Mehandi night is fun and a colorful celebration of love between the couple, together with their families, relatives, and friends. 

The bride has to apply a red-orange Mehandi or a henna tattoo on her back of hands, palms, and feet in Hindu culture. I have witnessed the actual application of Mehandi that takes time. It's an art for the bride. It's attractive to the groom's eyes for sure.

The Mehandi night was a joyous moment for everyone present at the event. Dance and Bollywood music all night long with the couple being the center of attention as they made a Couple dance and surrounded by family and friends.

I love Bollywood music. It's upbeat and so alive. The live performances from invited Bollywood artists were fantastic. I had fun. It was an enjoyable and unique wedding experience to remember.

Of course, an Indian wedding is also about food and delicacy, with the finest cuisine from all over India. The buffet meal was great while listening to the soulful Bollywood music and get entertained.

Mehandi night has a casual lounge feel with colorful pillows and clothes everywhere. I had a wonderful conversation with other guests, and I have learned more about their Indian wedding culture.

The Mehandi night is full of vibrant colors, from traditional Indian clothes to decorations. It's extravagant but a meaningful moment.

The wedding venue was full of decors with fresh flowers all over. It's like a night of fantasy -- a fairytale.

That was a fantastic and magical night. It was a pure and magical delight.

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