Sunday, February 14, 2021

Year of the Ox and the Valentine

It's a different celebration of Chinese New year for this year. In Manila Chinatown where I used to visit for new year is not much vibrant and festive due to the threat of pandemic.

I remember how the district of Binondo in Manila was full of energy with the massive crowd celebrating the Chinese new year. 

It was colorful... it was fun!

And so this year, is my year! I was born on the year of the Wood Ox in mid 80s and this year happen to be the celebration of the year of Chinese animal sign; the Ox.

Ever since my younger years, I used to be fascinated with Chinese zodiac and astrology which we follow even up to this day.

With the Ox sign, I believe that it exhibit some characteristics like dependability and productivity. It may be always be hard in the beginning, but eventually things will be easy.

Ox born individual may have higher expectations and has a good leadership potential. The strong and hardworking built of the Ox will make all obstacles and challenges be overcomes.

The most meaningful message for this year is to stay calm and patient, that eventually the wheel of fortune will turn to one's favor. That's what I need to work on. I've been patiently waiting after a deep slumber and may this year be a new beginning.

A new hope, career, passion and energy!

And so, just two days after the Chinese new year is the celebration of Valentine's day. It's about evoking emotions of love and care... of remembering and reminiscing.

February is the month of love, and so we have chosen this special month for our lifelong undertaking. This may be the most beautiful moment of meaningful and soulful expression of love.

And so, today is the heart's day. The time when we send special wishes to our love ones. Despite the distance, love would always be there, not just for today, but in everyday.

New year is about new beginning. We express our love and we nourish it. And so, just like a flower, it will bloom and become beautiful; giving smiles and making one cheerful.

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