Saturday, April 3, 2021

Holy Week 2021: The Path to Salvation

We live on earth for a purpose. We have a mission to fulfill for the glory of God and for our salvation.

That's the promise of the Christ. We live to do good and find a deeper meaning to our existence; then we live in eternity when we die.

But how can we find a meaningful living amidst the threats and chaos in our times. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we all seem to sufffer and many people are getting sick and die.

Have they fulfilled their purpose? their mission? 

The rich and the poor; the young and the old, the weak and the strong are dying. No one seem spared once infected of the deadly unseen enemy.

A year has passed and we seem to repeat our mistake. It's like suffering continues until a lesson is learned. It's a cycle and we keep on experiencing a predictable turn of events. We seem to know what will happen next. We've been there, and we're just viewing a rewind and watching another season of the same events.

Are we in control with all of these? Is God in control?

One thing that the Christ had sacrificed is his passion, death and resurrection to save humanity from sin. He had endure the pains and sufferings for us to understand what life is about and not to be coward or defeated by our demons and weaknesses.

If the world is doing its cleansing, we all suffer; either we survive or we die. We're probably the first or the last in line. Eventually, our fate is that we'll all die; not  our will, but His divine will.

Who will save us? What happens when we die?

The Christ taught us that, He is the way, the truth and the life. When we listen and follow Him, he'll forever be in our hearts and minds and eternally. Our path to salvation is Divinely guided in His spirit of love and compassion. Our salvation is to live each day with faith in our hearts; to follow and be guided; to suffer and survived; and to be crusified and be resurrected.

©️ 2021 Del Cusay

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