Sunday, February 20, 2022

You'll Never Walk Alone

We walk on with hope in our hearts. That keeps us alive, and we aspire to live our dreams and desires.

Dreams make us live a fantasy-like reality. When we dream, we become limitless in what we can achieve. We introspect to find a world with meaning. We desire things we believe are worth having.

There's a break we need to take to realign ourselves with our goals and ambitions. We look back to moving forward. We climb a little higher, so we can see things farther. We believe in ourselves and that we can make things better. For one thing, remember, we are what we think, and we become what we believe. Be it forever.

As we move along and follow our path, we're guided by our real intentions to manifest. There may be delays and unanswered questions, but the universe answers at the right time with the proper request. Truly life at its best. 

We move on to what's next. What's there waiting for us? What more can I hope for? What's there to live for? 

We can be awakened from a deep slumber but fast-track our best way forward; like a slingshot reaching greater heights and struggles, we can fight. 

We can be sure of the best life ahead with the right people. They push us to our limits and lift our spirits.

We used to be scared when we were defenseless. We used to be frightened about things. We were clueless. There may be lonely moments, but we're not alone this time and will never walk alone from this moment.

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