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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Nature and Sources of Power

"Power is universal and can be achieved externally or internally. We must be able to acknowledge and develop our sources of power for us to achieve lasting success and fulfillment. However, we must be responsible for our powers and use them wisely. Power can be temporary or permanent, inherent or acquired, and can either make or break"

Recently we have discussed an interesting topic which is about the sources of human power. It was a good discussion and I have learned so many ideas that are insightful and could be a great source of wisdom through the development of human potential. As human beings, sometimes we are not fully aware that there are inherent powers within us. This kind of power is something that is valuable and be could be enhanced to achieve lasting success - we call it Inner Power.

On the contrary, human power is never permanent hence it could be a temporary possession. For instance, Political power is always temporary if an elected official has taken his oath to serve for a specified term. A person may be in the highest possible rank or position but time will come that his power is about to end. However, there may be some exceptions when a leader, for instance, is too greedy for power and has been practicing dictatorial leadership for a couple of decades. Just like the fate of the former Libyan President is an example that no matter how long you are in a certain position or whether you are powerful enough to conquer everything then, power if being misused will lose its value.

Power of Position is a good thing to have only if used for the common good and not for self-interest only. Are you holding a certain position? How big is your responsibility? Does it have a certain term of office? Well, some people love to be in a position of power which comes with the power to be in control and have greater influence. Think of the most powerful people in terms of influence to the world, who come to your top list?

Recently, Forbes magazine published its annual list of the world's most powerful people for 2011. Among the list comes President Obama - the US President being on the top. He has great political power and global influence being the leader of the world's most powerful economy. Bill Gates - the founder and Chairman of Microsoft is on the 5th rank. He is now known to be the greatest living philanthropist who co-founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The couple donated billions of dollars to other foundations and supports the funding of global health issues. Pope Benedict - the head of the Roman Catholic Church is on the 7th rank. The Pope has been influential with regards to the morality and spirituality of its followers. Surprisingly, the founder of the most popular social network: Facebook, is probably the youngest on the list comes in the top 9. Mark Zuckerberg, changes the way people communicate. His ultimate goal is to make the world connected through the power of social media which he co-founded in 2004 in Harvard dormitory. Having more than 700 million members worldwide, Facebook has attained a certain degree of success and influence that changed global communication. Zuckerberg uses the power of media and has gained fame and prestige globally. Oprah is also one of the most respected and successful media personalities today. She has gained fortune through her media power which she also uses for doing philanthropic works; the reason why she is so magnetic and being loved by her followers.

Another source of power is your lineage. Do you belong in a powerful clan? Do you carry a family name that is well known because of its societal influence? then, you have got the power of lineage. For instance, the royal family is very much well known and adored by the people and they possess power through inheritance of the throne, while those in a political dynasty are so powerful that nobody can defeat them in the position.

Physical power is also one of the most important things. It is about your ability to execute your valuable ideas. If we have all the energy to do great things then we will have more achievements. However, no matter how brilliant and rich a person may be, but if he is not in good health condition then, he may not be able to achieve lasting fulfillment. Take the case of Steve Jobs as an example. When Steve was living, he is among the top global and respected leaders and also one of the most influential people, but his money did not save his life. He became physically weak that he gave up his position since he can not do the responsibility that is expected of him. The lesson is, we should never take for granted our health: the source of physical power. We do not have to be weak because we have a lot of potentials to achieve something in life. The saying, "health is wealth" is true and powerful.

The way we deal or communicate with people is another source of power. The power of social intelligence is an advantage to those who learned and mastered the art of personal magnetism. People are charismatic and magnetic because of their personality and also they know how to deal with people effectively. They have made a lot of admirers and followers and gained respect and loyalty.

Financial power is another thing that most people aspire. Money is indeed an important tool for survival and it is very valuable. One common thing about the most powerful people is their financial power. They are able to give away their money to those who need it. Bill Gates together with his friend Warren Buffet, made the effort to encourage their fellow billionaires to share their massive wealth with the less fortunate. They are both good examples of leaders who use financial power to make a difference.

Do you have any of the sources of power mentioned? If none, then do underestimate the power of your expertise and education. Your knowledge and wisdom are very powerful that it can lead to the sources of power that is mentioned earlier and it can be interrelated to other powers. For instance, Knowledge Professionals and experts in their field have gained social intelligence through constant communication with people. They were able to get the attention of the media who later on advertises their expertise to the people. And lastly, they have been able to achieve the power of position and have made fortune in the end.

Power is universal and can be achieved externally or internally. We must be able to acknowledge and develop our sources of power for us to achieve lasting success and fulfillment. However, we must be responsible for our powers and use them wisely. Power can be temporary or permanent, inherent or acquired, and can either make or break. We have to remember that we are powerful in our own way only if we know ourselves better. As the saying goes, "great power comes with great responsibility".

© 2011 Del Cusay