Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oprah's Lifeclass: Changing Your Outlook

Oprah, and one of the most charismatic American Spiritual leaders, Joel Osteen, discussed the power of "I Am" or the positive self-talk we do, which could lead to success or failure. Words that we utter verbally or just thought to give power to who we become and significantly impact how we live in the future. 

How often do we tend to focus on the flaws or imperfections in our lives? How does it affect the perception of ourselves and how people around us would feel the vibrations we are sending out to them? These limiting and destructive thoughts can be blocked by changing our outlook on who we are and how we can attain the life we deserve.

Here are some of the questions I've answered about the topic.

1. At this very moment, how would you finish the following sentence? I am_______.

At this moment, 'I am courageous and have the will to do things as planned. 'I am happy and contented about the things happening in my life, and I have to strive harder for more positive and meaningful things to come. 'I am grateful for the blessings that have come and look forward to more prosperity and abundance. I am strong and will continue to persevere through life challenges to become a better person. 

2. Whatever follows 'I am' will come looking for you. What has been following you for years? How does this make you look at your 'I am' statement differently?

In a universal law of attraction, I always believe that 'thoughts eventually become a reality if we focus on the words I am telling myself. I don't chase success. Instead, I do my best in a particular task, and success follows. For instance, I tell myself, 'I am' courageous and determined for my goal, then positive forces act upon my uttered words, turning them into a reality. Thoughts are living energies and vibrations that attract success and fulfillment if accompanied by willpower. 

3. What are you putting out to the world? What 5 'I ams' do you say on most days?

Not all days are good. However, I have the power to change that kind of feeling by diverting my attention to more purposeful ways. Things can be achieved faster if I exert my total capacity and not minding negativity. If I put much effort, there's substantial energy I've released, and it will have a positive effect in return. 

On most days, I often tell myself that 'I am' blessed. 'I am' strong. 'I am' courageous. 'I am' joyful, and 'I am' becoming better.

4. Are you going through a difficult time when you think things are happening to you? What if you start to realize that things are happening to you. How does that change your perspective?

Sometimes, not-so-favorable circumstances happen, like dealing with difficult people, but it is not a reason to give up because they will soon become out of your way. Just pay attention to a specific goal, and good things will come. Having faith and belief in self more than anybody would put seeds of negativity into what can be accomplished. 

5. What if you took it further and recognized that you could handle the challenges? How does that make you feel?

 Life throws many challenges, some of which can be handled well. It would take courage and endurance to beat the odds. Working on challenges and conquering them is very rewarding. Getting more confident and assertive in taking life's battles, fighting, and not surrendering. 

6. How do you define success?

I define success as the 'achievement of a particular goal,' whether short or long-term. Success is not the end target, and stopping from there is. When I feel successful in a particular goal, it adds to my self-worth, and its cumulative effect gives me a sense of fulfillment.

7. What 'I am' statement are you integrating into your life?

'I am' grateful for the gift of life and the strength to serve and improve myself.

© 2013 Del Cusay