Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year 2018: Beyond The Limits

That was the tough year 2017. A roller coaster of unforeseen events and unexpected triumphs; an opportunity that was never lost but continuously on a cycle. When I looked back to the previous year, I am still overwhelmed by the circumstances experienced and feeling grateful for what I have achieved in anyways. What I have learned through the years is that when the door closes, certainly a window will be opened for another milestone and breakthroughs. 

The year 2017 ended with a positive spirit and gratitude to the Divine while looking forward to a great life it has to offer for the year 2018 for myself, my family, friends, and everyone who has made a significant impact in my life.

To celebrate New Year means a celebration of a new life full of hopes and optimism for a brighter future. I always look forward to the brighter side and taking away the negativity that may become a hindrance towards future success. Looking forward doesn't necessarily mean the inability of looking back from past living; where struggles, obstacles, and defeat are always inevitable. 

It's always good to look back for self-realization leading to stronger determination. Whatever we have gone through will not change but we can always learn a lesson for a positive change and renewal. To celebrate a New Year is just the start of another challenge to take and hindrances to break. New Year 2016: A New Beginning was a liberation of the mind and grounding back to reality. Attainment of higher consciousness will always be instilled in the mind and will be the guide for a greater living beyond the physical plane.

A thousand miles journey will be needing a guide; a GPS that will lead towards a destination. It's the will that can complete the journey no matter how far it may seem. Time will be the barometer of success; either we arrive on time, behind the time, or ahead of time. New Year 2017: A Hopeful Journey was about having the faith and perseverance that things will be better ahead of time; that another life is waiting and it will be something bigger and still significant. Truly that was a greater opportunity given and will continue to persevere no matter what challenges I may face.

Time has come that I don't have to be on the same level of fight, but to understand and find meaning in every challenge encountered. I ended the year 2017 with a bigger fight of optimism that things would become better and healing would eventually take place for the benefit of the greater whole.

A New Year celebration with the family is always a source of joy; to be reunited and gain positive insights about living. When things go wrong it needs to be fixed from a different perspective. We may have been defeated and put to test, but we can always reconnect the dots and rewire the broken lines to become full and complete again. The principle of higher consciousness is beyond our lower emotions; beyond our limits. We can always stand up again and face the world with greater heights and a clearer view of the path. 

The road ahead is always about advanced thinking and the ability to see the next episode of life. The year 2018 is welcomed with greater energy. The light from above will serve as a reminder that things certainly become brighter even in the dark. We can rise up from the challenge and will emerge as a champion —  a winner in life.

© 2018 Del Cusay