Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Power of Now: Being Aware and Present

Living in a fast-paced world as we are now is like a marathon, a race with an uncertain outcome. People are always in a hurry but arrive late at their destination. Along the way, we bumped into each other to get ahead. There's a lot of shouting, screaming, or even crying. No matter how hard it seems to be. Still, a determined soul can conquer obstacles and overcome defeat. There's no way to quit but to continue the race toward the peak.

Unhurried life isn't a thing nowadays, even in a rural village. We are all connected by the power of technology and get the latest information in real-time, at a particular moment, and as needed. Through an upgrade in transportation and communication, everything is quick and instant, as fast as teleportation if it's real. Getting to a destination excites us, and the journey becomes a cherished expedition. 

Years ago, life wasn't that complicated, and people enjoyed much in the present moment of their lives. Compared to now, most people live in their past when they can't leave their worries behind. Others may live in an uncertain future and become anxious about what lies ahead. That's life! Truly complicated.  Whatever comes into our head are unfiltered noises from different sources and even our own prejudice.

Living in the past and in the future is inevitable. When the mind wanders means a lack of focus and awareness of the present; not truly conscious -- not being aware. A complicated life of being not present in the moment has its consequences. We need to be more focused and productive. Our worries, fears, and uncertainties are enemies of productivity and consciousness. Though it is a result of previous traumatic experiences, we are still in control and have the power to return to a normal state of being; we enjoy the present moment and truly live. 

As we go through the next level of spiritual existence, we learn to ignore or filter those noises that will not benefit our being. We become more alert and focused on our actions; the result is fascinating  a stress-free living.

Being present and aware at the same time is a gift to ourselves or to someone dear to us. When we are aware and conscious of someone's presence, they feel accepted and loved by us. However, when we ignore their presence, they will feel neglected, abandoned, and uncared for; that's miserable and unacceptable. 

But in today's world, there's another side of the story; we often focus on our own, our personal intention, and our goals to achieve. We go on our own without validation from others. That's consciousness from the individual level. We go for healing when our soul finds its peace and being.

The power of now is so mighty that we experience and practice mindfulness. We do not allow minds that wander, but we focus our intentions back on our present reality. We choose to be peaceful and live stress-free lives, leading to our health and well-being. The power of now is a spiritual gift to the people surrounding us. When we are at peace with ourselves, we are present in dealing with people no matter what happens, and we deal with life peacefully. That's the power of presence and awareness  the power of now!

© 2018 Del Cusay