Saturday, June 1, 2019

Memories of Summer 2019

That was endless summer fun! From March during the Holy week until the blooming flowers of May, a season in the sun that is hotta fun. For about 3 months, we have experienced and collected another memory we will cherish forever.

Summertime in the Philippines is a celebration of vibrant life. We enjoy the waves on the beach with fewer worries of getting tanned or sunburned skin. It comes once a year, so we want it to be more fun and the most memorable experience ever. That's the kind of summer I want... get burned and just be alive!

I spent 2 weeks in our hometown to support my father's candidacy as a Municipal councilor in the midterm election last May 13. We celebrated Thanksgiving for a Victorious Journey along with the Christening of my nephew, J. Frenz Matthew. That was a joyous occasion and a celebration of a new life.

A day after the winning moment, we visited my mother's birthplace in the highlands of Bato-Arobo in barangay Pasol-o. That was about 2 decades ago since my last visit. Memories of Mount Bato-Arobo reminded me of a hiking experience to reach the place with a fantastic mountain view and a place that offers serenity and peace of mind.

We live in a landlocked town and only have natural wonders like rivers, parks, and waterfalls. No sea and beaches. Malinamon falls is one of the best we could offer tourists and nature lovers. It is located inside the military conservation known as Camp Peralta in Jaena Norte. We had an excursion with my family, a respite from the summer heat. We love the natural environment, and we had a great adventure, surely worth reminiscing about.

Back in Manila after a 2-week vacation, I knew that my summer was only complete with a visit to the beach. I traveled to the coastal town of Zambales to enjoy the remaining hot summer days.

Crystal Beach in San Narciso is one of the finest beach destinations offering the best scenery and accommodation. On a mid-day sun, I was seated on a modern beach-type nipa hut while watching the seashore and meditating. That was a stress relief; to be at the beachfront and in a meditative state. Truly a blissful experience!

A day at the beach is too short, so I had to beach hop in the nearby town of San Felipe. That was my beach destination for the previous year. Memories of the Summer of 2018 at Camp Rofelio began my fascination with this peaceful and uncrowded beach of Liwliwa.

On the second time around, a new accommodation, El Zamba resort in Liwliwa, may be at the farthest end of the group of alternatives, but it offers the best view of the sunrise and the sunset. The water is greenish-blue, and the waves are perfect for surfing.

That was my summer adventure. Truly captivating and soul-searching. I left the place smiling, and the distance traveled was worth a million bucks of pure bliss. I am feeling good. I feel blessed, and I am feeling grateful because life has been so wonderful.

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