Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Pathway to Kindness

At any unexpected moment and wherever we may go, we may meet people who may be familiar faces or strangers to us. To travel far distances with fewer resources and feelings of emptiness, but relying on people's kindness.

Whether at home in the countryside or in a busy metropolis; on the chilly mountain top or the ocean's summer breeze; in our homeland and even in a foreign land; we experience a different level of kindness from the people we meet on the road.

Sometimes we feel the need for a soulful reflection in a different direction. Our desire to be alone lacks inspiration and motivation. There's a feeling of solitude and pity with doubts and fears that nobody is there with us willing to sit and hear, rescue, and care. 

Along the way, some may reach their helping hand while some may walk away. Others may listen, while others don't even care. It takes a little act of kindness to open their arms, listen, and embrace. Initially, the kind of person unknown to them may become someone with a heart as endless as it seems.

Some cultures totally different from ours make us seek kindness from their hearts. To be friends with them and to better know them. To plant a seed of service and to harvest gratitude with gladness. 

In our travels, some will challenge us, some will rob us, but there will always be someone who will teach us. To stand when we have fallen, to fight when we are frightened, to love and give hope from despair to gladness.

We take a different pathway on the road we choose. Sometimes we get lost but often have regained the cost. We may take a shortcut to reach the destination with ease and less stress. We may take the common and the known road. We may take the road less traveled and be the most traveled person.

All these experiences happen due to different people on the road, some that will hurt and some with a heart. We laugh, we cry, we jump, and we try. A shoulder to lean on, a back to carry on, a cheek to kiss, and the memories that will be missed.

Kindness in our hearts will always be the pathway to fulfilling our desires. An open heart, a big heart, and a great heart. You are not a stranger but a lovely dear and sweetheart.

© 2019 Del Cusay