Sunday, September 29, 2019

When September Ends: Timeless Memories

Here comes September: the beginning of the Merriest season in the Philippines. The start of the Autumn season or Fall in the West. The beginning of many beautiful things and the end of not-so-glorious days.

So many memorable events happened this month. Another year added to my life: the beginning of an extraordinary life cycle.    Birthday Special: Love and Gratitude are about blessings received and wishes that came true and now making things work out of the blue.

What makes September special is the Birthday of the Mother of Christ. It was on September 8 when the universe conspired for what my heart desired. I prayed to our Divine Mother, so I made this day special. She listens and prays for us all.   Heart's Desire: An Answered Prayer is a testimony of the intercession of the Holy Mother, the Blessed Mary. This day will forever be memorable and to be celebrated.

Before September ends, we have  Birthday Special: Celebrating our Mother's 66th Birthday on the 24th. A simple family gathering over dinner made it unique and meaningful.

What made this September memorable was the soulful conversation with Reverend Father Jeffrey Estrella while having lunch at the beachfront restaurant on September 17. He is the Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Lomboy Parish. 

We also had a family weekend getaway at the beach with my grandfather on Sunday, September 22nd. That was like extended summer fun. The waves on the shore are so calming, and the sea view on the hilltop is breathtaking.

On the road to the summit, we visited our favorite place, Bato Arobo, on September 23rd. The natural scenery of the mountains is pure bliss. This is where we spend time with natural wonders while taking deep breaths, meditating, and enjoying serenity. 

When September ends, my heart will be filled with love because I have the best people in my life who protect, care for, and support me in whatever I do and to whoever I may become. September will always be memorable, and its joy is so meaningful.

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