Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Garden I Want For Christmas

Christmas is a time for decorating ideas. It is about transforming the home to become bright and glittering with a Christmas tree full of lights. It makes people happy as they accomplish their desired theme for Christmas.

But this time, I thought of doing a different thing. I have improved the landscape of our indoor garden. Several months ago, I had it on my mind and have made the desired transformation. 

Most of the time, we usually serve our meals in this place since it is an open space with good air ventilation and a relaxing ambiance.

It is unique because it becomes a sanctuary for Eurasian  Sparrow birds that serenade us with their chirping sounds in the morning for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. That's a soulful serenade from nature.

This garden is also a source of nutrition for the family since there is a malunggay tree and a papaya tree where birds would shelter happily. And to make it more pleasing, I added some tropical plants and a palm tree. It's now a tropical indoor garden. 

Gardening is a fulfilling activity with many benefits for health and well-being. We bring a piece of nature at home as we celebrate Christmas's soulful and meaningful spirit.

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