Sunday, December 1, 2019

What I Love About December

What excites you about Christmas? Is it about family gatherings? Endless year-end parties? Gifts? Or is it about the highly anticipated coming of the New Year?

At some point, we have all experienced the Christmas mania that the month of December brings. This is the time to mark on a calendar the most important event of sharing good times with the most important people in our lives. 

Some may have been planning about the themed Christmas parties while others are looking forward to a holiday shopping spree; for gift-giving or buying a gift for oneself.

That's a fun-filled activity for the commercial side of the festivity. Perhaps the most expensive season, but one of the most memorable for whatever reason. 

This Soulful Sunday, the 1st of December is about welcoming a merry and joyous season of love and peace. A heartfelt season to hug and to kiss. 

I will be spending the Holiday season in my hometown together with my family. This is the best place to contemplate about the year that was or year-end breathing out of what is unwanted and what is to be renewed. 

This Soulful Sunday, the 1st day of December brings cool wind and drizzle, and that sets the mood of the coming days before Christmas. The wind blows gently with a natural melody; the trees are swaying; the birds are chirping; the people are singing Christmas in our hearts is coming. 

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