Friday, April 10, 2020

The Holy Week in Uncertain Times

In observance of the Holy week, we focus our energies and strength on the solemnity of the passion, death and the coming resurrection of the Christ. 

We leave our worries behind. That's the most respectful thing we can do since we are living by the promises of the Christ. GOD is in control and we put our trust and faith on Him.

The lenten season and the Holy week this year is extra special. We haven't experienced this in decades since we came in this world. We are confined in our homes and celebrate masses on a live TV broadcast. We can't do the Good Friday procession and be able to celebrate the Easter with greater freedom of expression of love and gratitude.

On this lenten season, families celebrate Sunday Holy Mass at home, we do the virtual Visita Iglesia online and we get to kneel on our Holy Altar at home.

On this year, we can't go to places on a pilgrimage. We can't show our love through hugs and kisses, but we show a different kind of love in a distance. For now, to show love to people, we need to keep distance. A tough love.

But in this uncertain times, we are comforted with love through the Religious leaders of God. Our Pope, our Bishops and Priests are there to provide our spiritual needs.

We are able to gather with our family at home and listen to the words of God. We light a candle and offer a prayer. 

As I do my Holy week retreat on our skygarden, I can see, hear and feel God's Holiness and loving presence through His natural creations and masterpieces. We have been blessed to live in a natural sanctuary of solemnity and solitude to experience God's Divinity.

He is not absent, but He is there with us at the comfort of our home wrapped in His loving arms. He is forever in our Hearts and transforms our lives.

Yes, we may be living in this time of uncertainty, but we are learning to slow down, to live in stillness and to notice and appreciate even the little things that matters in our lives.

On this Good Friday, we continue to pray and observe the Holy burial through the Holy image of the Santo Entierro. It is our belief that the Christ has died to save the humanity. Its significance lies on our personal experience and journey when He reveals his Holiness on our being.

May this silence and solitude be a time to reallign our hopes and dreams. May this be the right time to reassess the things that matters and are of true value. May this be the time to listen and redirect our lives to living a meaningful life.

© 2020 Del Cusay