Sunday, October 4, 2020

Campus Tour at the Silliman University

In Eastern Negros Island is where you can find the "City of gentle people" and it's the city of Dumaguete in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

In December 2014, I fulfilled my desire to visit Dumaguete and see the first American learning Institution in the Philippines and Asia- Silliman University.

Upon the invitation of the student government organization, I delivered a talk about "Balancing Life Strategies" and "Stress Management" to their officers and select staff.

That was a memorable talk with full attention and the desire to learn from the student leaders. If I had more time, I could have given another speech to some faculty and staff members. 

But a day visit to Silliman University is only complete with a campus tour. The different departments, historical and iconic buildings, chapel, open grounds, and library are from the entrance to the exit gates. The campus is truly an ideal and conducive place for higher learning.

At the Silliman University Library

At the Silliman Hall

I was impressed with the clean green campus. The tree-lined Acacia provides cool shade plus the windy breeze from the sea; indeed, they have the best campus in town and one of the best in the country.

Silliman University faces the sea. You can stroll the baywalk along Rizal Boulevard with just a few minute walks. That windy breeze makes a good place for walking along the boulevard. That's the place where I reminisced about the time when I was a student in college. Those times when I had full of hope and dreams, just like any student would.

I hope to revisit Dumaguete and enter the famous Silliman University. To experience the politeness and friendliness of the students and their genuine hospitality.

As I remember, in higher learning, we aspire for growth and have the burning desire to achieve our most cherished hopes and dreams. Those times when we have enough energy and passion for learning.

Those student leaders I've met may now achieve excellence in their chosen fields. They may now be living their dreams and unleashing their untapped potential. They may now live their most extraordinary life and follow their ultimate heart's desire.

Learning continues after stepping out of College or University. It's a continuous process and a lifelong journey. We continue to learn along the way as we embark on challenges and achieve new career and life milestones.

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