Sunday, October 31, 2021

Spooky Memories of Halloween

Halloween isn't much fun for adults. But that doesn't mean we can never have fun as much as little kids do.

When I was a kid, we used to celebrate Halloween by wearing spooky costumes to scare each other. That was a yearly activity for us until it ended when such a thing wasn't exciting anymore, and we're already a grown-up individuals.

Back then, we didn't know about the essence of celebrating Halloween and its hidden dangers. What we knew is that many people especially young children are doing it.

I still remember our celebration of Halloween in 2011. That was the time we introduced it to our nephews and niece. They dressed up in a costume of spooky creatures and characters with scary make-up for an added spooky effect. 

They had fun and that was repeated in 2012 with a more scary look. During those years, we haven't taught them the significance of Halloween. All we knew was the fun it brings, until the year that follows when we no longer celebrate it.

In recent years as a working adult, I've learned about the dangers of Halloween especially to young children. That's the reason why I would rather see them wearing a costume like saints or holy person instead of a scary one. 

We never know about the afterlife, but we have to celebrate the holiness of those who have lived a clean life. We celebrate the lives of the saints who have touched so many lives when they are living. 

We don't want to invite negative entities to our bodies and consciousness, that's why we encourage people to celebrate people's holiness and not their negative and evil side. We denounce evil, and we strive for holiness no matter how sinful we are.

I'm glad to see that nowadays more people are aware of the dangers of Halloween and so they would want to correct their mistakes of celebrating wickedness and spooky culture copied from the West. 

Now, our nephews and niece are grown-up children, and they have stopped celebrating a spooky Halloween like we used to do. 

And this realization about life after death happens when we go through deeply with our lives. When we go to the afterlife, we would want to see the good and the holy people. We would want to see heaven and not hell. We would like to see the Angels and not the demons. Because when we live a good life, we're also looking forward to a better afterlife.

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