Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pasinaya 2018: Love for the Philippine Arts

As a Filipinos, we always must uphold loyalty and patriotism to our country. When we were conquered by foreign invaders, we adopted their ways; language, arts, music, culture, and tradition. For hundreds of years until now, we have had these influences on our lifestyle, our way of living. We have embraced colonialism and slowly neglected our original identity of being Filipino. Although we are considered to be of mixed races by blood, our identity will still be the soul of our nation, and as One Filipino, we will take pride in our culture wherever we are and in whatever we do.

However, today, we must preserve our culture through the arts. The latest generation of Filipinos would have to appreciate the richness of the Philippine culture and pass it on to the next generation. Culture and tradition should never stop; they must continue to exist and evolve, but not obliterate. Hence, we can genuinely preserve it in literal form and in our minds and hearts. 

To appreciate and preserve our culture through the arts, the Cultural Center of the Philippines has been celebrating its annual Pasinaya Festival, which means to 'inaugurate' or 'opening' something grand and festive. The Pasinaya festival, in its 14th year, is gaining much-deserved attention from those who love arts and culture. It is a 2-day festival dubbed "Palihan at Palabas" where art lovers can enjoy workshops on various arts like dancing, singing, acting, writing, and theatrical performances. This is followed by a great showcase of artistic talents and renditions before thousands of viewers who appreciates and loves art. 

This is my 4th year experiencing the Pasinaya Festival, which never fails to amuse and entertain. Being Filipino is a great feeling to see performers from different art genres from other parts of the country. The viewers continue to grow yearly and are joyful with the presentations they may not have seen before. Ancient Filipinos' elegance, graciousness, and glamour only show some refinement in their way of living. So today, in our time, we glimpse how modern Filipinos can take us back to the early days when life seemed simple.

The CCP Resident companies are always in the spotlight. The classical pieces of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra; The modern parts of the UST Philharmonic Orchestra;  the gracefulness of Ballet Philippines and Tanghalang Pilipino and the Bayanihan Folk Dance Company and other performing groups have shared their timeless pieces that are indeed a product of class and elegance.

Last year's Pasinaya 2017: Arts for Peace was a great experience, and the viewers were moved by the years' theme when Filipinos can be united through arts despite the unending conflicts. Skills for peace are significant in years to come as we battle to achieve everlasting peace and harmony. While on this year, 2018, is a calling to show our deepest love for the arts to revive our pure sense of patriotism.

Cultural preservation and fascination through arts will go a long way if we are united and show deeper love and loyalty to our national identity. Pasinaya Festival will be one of the greatest gifts we could offer future generations as they reflect deeply on who they are and what they can show and contribute to the world. This is just the beginning of igniting our artistic abilities to prove ourselves and show the world that we are Filipinos with a soulful desire and the greatest love for our nation through cultural appreciation and rendition. 

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