Sunday, February 11, 2018

Never Chase For Happiness: You can Create it

Some people say that to be happy, we must be successful at what we do; we have to reach for our dreams, our destiny, and not the imagined reality. That sounds true to some, but happiness starts to ignite from within. It is not to be chased, and it is never a destination. It may be a journey we create that, even at the crossroads, we still find that little spark of happiness.

There was a guy who was never content with his present life. He finds his world as dull and unexciting. Full of doubts and negativity, he always finds happiness in the presence of a group of friends and is dependent on them. He is not entirely in control and tends to worry in the absence of his friends, whom he considers his own family. He has a lifestyle others couldn't afford and feels happy to have friends with the same personality and lifestyle. The guy wanted to win his friends by bragging about the new things he owned, and that makes him happy when he is praised or idolized. It's a narcissistic personality that is too expensive for someone to possess. He has to compete with others wherever he goes and wants to stay caught up. He can be happy if in the presence of friends but can't motivate himself. He has to chase happiness from others to get comfortable and secure and feel down when alone.

Happiness is something we create and is not entirely dependent on other's opinions of us. There is happiness in solitude, even more than in the presence of a group or team. Happiness comes from the security of oneself and the confidence to own a personal battle. Wherever we go, we find happiness from even meaningful small things. Indeed, we create our own reality, and we can always survive a journey of a thousand miles if we can rely on ourselves. Happiness comes from within and is projected onto others. We create a wave of happiness that is contagious, and that improves our feelings and intrapersonal relationships. Happiness is everywhere, but it can be found first, not from afar or a specific type of person or a group. When we recognize our soulful desires, our heart feels joyful, leading to the eternal happiness we deserve.

© 2018 Del Cusay