Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Road Ahead: Setting A Goal and Getting Started

Often it's hard to get things done when everything seems to be just a plan or a goal to be set in the future. Yes, there are times when we are preoccupied with thoughts about what to happen in the distant future, but all we do is keep rehearsing until it becomes polished or perfect. However, no matter how refined our thoughts may be, something will only happen with our goals if it's just a thoughtform with necessary action. For years, this has been the reality for most people who are dreamers, setting a plan but only acting on it once everything is perfect. A certain perfection would mean no room for failure, and everything must be smooth sailing.

Whether our intention is directed towards personal development, such as developing our self-esteem to finally quit the corporate job and become a freelance professional, such thing brings excitement through a vivid imagination. A dreamed reality is hard to distinguish from a real-life achievement, though the latter is the most real and not just pure fantasy. Just like an absolute dream when we thought that it had happened already. The moment we wake up seems natural and not a dream state. A Deja Vu, or whatever we call it, a dream will remain a dream, and action will become a reality.

For some, learning to drive and owning a car is a dream. It's not just a luxury but a necessity in everyday living. Since childhood, we have been dreaming of driving even the fanciest car. Anyway, it's just a dream, but we have yet to realize that it's a simple dream that can make a reality. Through perseverance, we have worked on this goal, and there will come a time when we have achieved it. Owning our dream car has become a reality; for others, it's a fantasy, but that is now their reality. As a Sales Consultant, helping people acquire their dream car is my goal, and once they have owned it and driven for the first time, it brings a certain level of happiness and excitement to discover the road ahead. It's the imagination of reaching a desired destination that brings us joy that no matter how tough the journey, we still have the courage to finish the trip.

Another thing is about the journey to entrepreneurship, when some may have planted in their thoughts that someday, they'll run their own business and manage their own people who will help them achieve personal goals. It takes years of endless planning, but action must be taken to start owning it. It's not merely based on fear alone; it's not about lack of knowledge but about the lack of courage and perseverance. How about pursuing post-graduate studies? Do you aspire to get ahead in the corporate world? That's just 2 yrs, and you'll have an advanced degree deserved to get promoted and eventually raise in salary. So many dreamed realities will remain in a state of inertia unless acted through force. That's a law, and the universe tells you otherwise.

Even simple goals have remained as a thought form. Is it the goal to achieve physical fitness? Going to the gym and getting rid of some unwanted cellulite? How about hiking and mountain climbing? Was it last year that you promised to climb a mountain before the year ended? What happened? Simple goals, yet so hard to start. I may be like that, or you may be like that somehow. That's my story, and you have your own story to tell. I always remember a famous quotation: "The best thing to get ahead is to get started," and that must be true. It gives us the courage to make a brand-new start. Not to live based on fear and anxiety, but living a life of power and mighty.

When is the right time for it to happen? In the future? When exactly? Well, there's no perfect time but to act now. I've written something about The Power of Now: Being Aware and Present and about the present awareness and consciousness of relevant events in our lives. Similar to our goals, we have to stop chasing perfection and instead enjoy the journey along the way and correct things as it goes... the journey goes on, and setting a goal is just a single step, but getting started is when we get ahead in life beyond our wildest dreams and aspirations.

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