Sunday, March 22, 2020

You Are Not Alone

Wherever you are right now, you may need help! Just like the billion people on earth who are quarantined at home. It may be the worst feeling ever. You are restricted and controlled. You can't travel at a far distance, and you have to follow a certain social distance.

People are getting anxious and may start losing their sanity at a certain point. Boredom kills, and uncertainty is getting into their consciousness. What's happening? Who's the enemy? When will this suffering end?

You are not alone! We are all in this together. Your inconvenience and suffering are also what I am experiencing. We are together in this fight against the unseen forces that are a global threat to our health and well-being.

How are we going to survive this battle? Yes! This is a matter of survival skills. Either we continue to live, or we die! That's our reality at this moment of crisis.

This Soulful Sunday, I got some energy from a sun salutation exercise. I needed some stretching and sun exposure to boost my vitality and immunity. That's my latest craze just before the beginning of the home quarantine period. And then it's true that we get energy from a distance, a more powerful source.

Contemplating from our backyard at the farmhouse, I glimpse the uncertain future. The future is brighter despite the present-day darkness.

I realized that we can sometimes be socially distant but never feel alone or lonely. We are still emotionally and mentally connected to our loved ones, community, country, and world.

Our individual and personal suffering is also the suffering of our entire family. The sorrow of families is also the sorrow of the entire community. The morale of communities is also the morale of the country. And the downfall of nations is also the downfall of the world.

We are all connected in spirit, and we are what we think and feel. But one thing that can set us apart is our way of thinking; our mindset. Some may think of suffering, while others may think of opportunities. It's now about suffering versus surviving. Or we survived our battle and hell.

And this, too, shall pass. This will end. And when the time comes that we survive this threat to life, we will be living well in the Glory of God - - our Saviour whom we prayed for.

As I lay down on the hammock, I realized that you and I are not alone! We are not alone because we continue fighting to live and defeat the unseen. We will learn some lessons about victory and defeat. We will again rise up and be truly alive!

You are not alone because you will realize that you have a family who loves you. You are not alone because you belong in a community that shows care and concern. You are not alone because you are part of a country of strong-willed people. And you are not alone because you are a resident of a global community of freedom fighters.

We are the fighters, and we are the world. We keep on believing. We keep on surviving. And we keep on living.

© 2020 Del Cusay