Sunday, March 8, 2020

Transfiguration in the Eyes of A Child

The child grows fast from birth to a toddler. From the time they opened their eyes until they started walking alone. A physical transformation that makes us delighted. A child was born and is yet to live a great life. 

This Soulful Sunday, we spent a good time at the farm, and we brought our little one to explore the world that is new to him. The last time we got him to the farm was on new year's day, 2020, when he was just learning how to walk.

On New year's day 2020, when he was 1 year and 1 month old, we saw his curiosity to explore his environment. Although he couldn't speak and express his emotion of joyfulness, it can be seen in his smiles and actions.

Now at 13 months, he can walk by himself and is very playful. He can show different emotions. He laughs when feeling happy and cries when feeling uncomfortable.

A child is living in a different world. It is within our world, but they see things differently, as if they have their own. Whenever we don't feel like smiling, a child is there to give us a smile. Whenever we feel tired, a child lifts us up and gives us energy. A child has lots of powerful energy to change her mood and emotion. A child so small can change how we see the world.

Sometimes we may feel like having enough, yet a child can be happier and more excited. We may feel tired or bored with what we already have, but a child can have endless fun in exploration. A child starts to experience how to live, get hurt, fall down, rise up again, and give his biggest smile.

This 2nd Sunday of Lent talks about the transfiguration of Jesus at Mount Tabor, which was witnessed by his chosen Disciples. Jesus transformed into a bright human being just before the eyes of the Disciples.

Here on Earth, our God may show up in many ways through experiences of lavish living and even suffering. However, we may become blind in our faith and not see the bright side of life.

Unlike the child, he sees more beyond what we grown-ups can see. A child can remind us how to see the world with the most profound sense and gratitude.

 Our Quest for Personal Transfiguration begins as we emulate the innocence of a little child, giving us a radiant glow as we live life with happiness, joy, and peace.

When we no longer see ourselves shining so brightly, we see the transfiguration of Jesus in the eyes of a child. Because it is in their eyes that we see the greatest hope to learn how to live fully and see the world brighter again.

© 2020 Del Cusay