Sunday, March 15, 2020

When Faith is Bigger Than Our Fears

Fear can be defeated when there's a light from within. When we are suffering in this time of global health crisis,
we can learn to fight back stronger and live healthier.

In these times of brutal challenge, we are called to remain calm and be in stillness. Although it may not be accessible at times, we still tune in to the Highest Divine power- - the life-giver.

Our Soulful Sunday moment makes us feel the Divine love and light. When we feel anxious and uncertain, we feel the warmth wrap around our bodies and soul. It comforts us that someone is in control of our being and fate.

Whatever is happening in today's world is part of a Divine plan. Whatever we give in this world is what comes back to us. When we give suffering to others, we might experience even the worst kind of suffering. Hence, when we give love, it begets love and understanding.

The global health threat creates fear resulting in the hoarding of food and stuff. It causes massive chaos between nations. It causes misunderstanding, blame games, and discrimination. 

The hysteria is absolute. But the world isn't new to this pandemic. We may only be more critical, cautious, and alert than ever before, and that's a positive sign of a changing time.

But with all these untoward events, the antidote is to have faith and not to fear. To believe that we can survive this battle and not fear things that are unreal.

God's will is absolute, as humans have the choice; the will to be healed and the will to survive. So if things are within our control, we must also have faith in something beyond our control. 
Be fearless and have faith. 

© 2020 Del Cusay

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