Sunday, March 29, 2020

Healthcare Frontliner's Fight and Flight

We are all fighting an invisible enemy. This has caused us fear and panic due to our vulnerability and uncertainty.

The COVID-19 pandemic is something to be scared of. While we are being optimistic in general, it still doesn't remove the anxiety we experience. It is spreading faster, and many people are getting infected and dying daily.

The young and the old, celebrities and ordinary people, the rich and the poor suffer. No one seems spared. We are affected physically, mentally, socially, politically, and economically.

Our physical movement is restricted due to isolation and strict home quarantine directive by the Government, thus causing discomfort, irritability, confusion, and anger. The Government assures their people of food relief and financial aid to those affected by community lockdown. 

Some people are anxious about their financial instability, thinking about how they will be able to survive the crisis. The ripple of untoward effects and the worst-case scenario is evident. 

For the general public, one thing being told to follow is to 'stay at home to prevent getting infected. This is already a heroic act that we can contribute to the epidemic to be contained.

Some people may not be able to fully understand the call for home quarantine and physical or social distancing protocol. The reason why our medical frontliners are calling our attention with the message 'I stay at work for you, please stay at home for us' seems like a straightforward message, but with a heartfelt plea to us.

Some of us may defy that simple yet meaningful message of our Healthcare frontliners, which is why we lost some of them. They keep on fighting for our precious lives and, more so, the lives of those under their care already. They are risking their lives whenever they treat a positive COVID-19 patient.

Several doctors globally have passed away while doing the heroic act of saving lives. Although they are already exhausted and stressed, more nurses and hospital personnel are not giving up. They keep fighting and having the will to live to protect us and save as many lives as possible.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to serve the frontline health workers of 'The Medical City Iloilo,' where I managed the frontliners in several units like Patient Education, Information, and Customer Service. I have worked with Doctors, Nurses, and Non-medical support staff regarding Patient Partnership Experience.

I am grateful for the opportunity to impart "Transforming Patient Partnership" with the Clinical Supervisors and Head Nurses of the Medical City Iloilo. As the healthcare institution is moving forward, we have aimed to develop high-performing teams capable of working in a highly challenging situations.

We also strengthened our Patient Partnership intervention through Effective Communications in Healthcare, Personal Development in Healthcare, Stress Management Program, and Conflict Resolution and Management Program, which are essential in delivering frontline healthcare services.

As a nurse myself, I have experienced a stressful environment in a healthcare setting. Thus I have imparted programs that I believed would help deal with day-to-day operations and whenever needed in times of future crisis.

The Medical frontliners globally are well trained to handle difficult situations even in times of health crisis like the pandemic issue. They are equipped with the essential gears of knowledge, skills, and wisdom. They are ready for the battle anytime they are tested or challenged.

They are put on the frontline because they have the most willpower, are the bravest, and are ready to die in service for us.

The medical frontliners are our modern-day heroes. In this health crisis, they defend us all against unseen invaders. They fight for our survival, and they die for us to live. That's the most heroic deed they can do for us. 

We honor and salute our medical frontliners for their utmost dedication and service. Like us, they deserve to survive this battle, and they also deserve to live their best life. Let's protect them by doing our share. Let's help them stay and live. 

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